Conspiracy To Commit Extortion

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Former County Commissioner Moreno Gets 11 Years For Bribes

“There were so many schemes, over so long a period of time,” Judge Gary Feinerman said in handing down the sentence on Tuesday. “The conduct was so brazen. It was not an aberration. It was standard operating procedure.”


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Chicago Gang Leader Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison

A Chicago gang leader who prosecutors say oversaw a sophisticated and brutal organization with at least 10,000 “soldiers” in Illinois — even while he was in prison — that beat, shot and extorted money from rivals was sentenced Wednesday to 60 years in federal prison.


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Road Test Examiners Charged With Forging Passing Grades

Two former road test examiners for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office recorded passing grades on tests in exchange for bribes, prosecutors allege.

CBS Chicago–11/14/2011