A black bear that wandered into northwest Indiana from Michigan in June. (Source: Indiana Department of Natural Resources)

Lions, Coyotes And Bears? Oh, My! Be Careful

With a cougar on the loose in Milwaukee, a bear hanging around Michigan City and a thriving coyote population in Chicago, wildlife experts say we can expect more of this kind of thing and that comes with a warning.


Illinois conservation police shot and killed a cougar in November, 2013 (Credit: IDNR)

Is There A Lion On The Loose In Milwaukee?

Police in Milwaukee are investigating a report of a lion on the loose on the north side of town.


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Man Gets 27 Months In Prison For Threats To Daley

Rich Hyerczyk, 54, wrote 90 threatening letters to politicians, schools and religious institutions, including one to Daley that included the line “F – – – your dead son.”


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Botanist Pleads Guilty To Threatening Cops After Police Killed Mountain Lion In Chicago

Rich Hyerczyk, 54, pleaded guilty in federal court that he sent 90 threatening letters over nine-year period starting in 2003 — including one in which he threatened to burn down former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s vacation home in Michigan, the Sun-Times is reporting.


Photo Of A Snarling Cougar. (Utah DNR Photo)

Police: Cougar Sighting In Glencoe Unsubstantiated

A possible cougar sighting was reported in north suburban Glencoe this week, but officials believe it may have been a bobcat known to frequent the area.


Illinois conservation police shot and killed a cougar on Wednesday. (Credit: IDNR)

Cougar Fatally Shot Near Western Illinois Town Of Morrison

Authorities on Wednesday shot and killed a cougar near the western Illinois town of Morrison.



Possible Cougar Sighting In Schaumburg

Other possible cougar sightings have been reported recently in Highland Park, Northfield and Winetka.


me-ow (MIGUEL ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Suspected Cougar Spotted In Winnetka

Police say a cougar may be roaming around the affluent North Shore suburb of Winnetka.

CBS Chicago–09/05/2012

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Glencoe Firefighter Reports Seeing Mountain Lion

Jim Almdale says he was doing his nightly checks in a wooded area near Glencoe Beach last week when he saw a cougar walk onto the road. CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports.

CBS 2–08/09/2012

me-ow (MIGUEL ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Mountain Lions Creeping Closer To Chicago

More and more of these big cats are turning up in the Midwest, looking for forested habitat. CBS 2’s Bill Kurtis reports.


Photo Of A Snarling Cougar. (Utah DNR Photo)

Horse Owners Suspect Cougars In Attacks

The Henry County sheriff thinks there may be cougars in the area, but he wants proof. A horse owner looks at the wounds to her mare and thinks she may have it.