Cowboy Stadium Waited To Seek Permit For Temp Seats At Super BowlThe Dallas Cowboys had plenty of time to prepare for the Super Bowl, but decided to wait until almost the last minute. An official procrastinated on seeking a permit to build the temporary seats until less than a month before the game.
Relative Of First Packers' President Lost Seat At Super BowlOf the over 100,00 fans who watched the Super Bowl from Cowboys Stadium, 400 were forced to watch it from standing-room positions. And it wasn't just average Joe's who were among the 400.
Lawsuit Filed Over Super Bowl Ticket FiascoA lot of things went wrong with the Dallas Super Bowl. The unseasonably cold weather and snow led to transportation and safety concerns around Cowboys Stadium.
Nevada Sports Books Take Only $724K From Super BowlThe Super Bowl didn't go the way the Pittsburgh Steelers wanted to to go. And it didn't go all that well for casinos across the state of Nevada either.
UPDATED: NFL Knew There Would Be Problems With SeatsWhen Cowboys owner Jerry Jones built Cowboys Stadium he did it with the intent of setting the record for largest attendance at a Super Bowl.
Who Will You Root For In The Super Bowl?Super Bowl XLV kicks off Sunday between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. With nine Super Bowl titles between the two teams, you can bet this will be an intense game.
UPDATED: Six Injured By Falling Ice At Cowboys StadiumThe weather continues to be as big of a story in Dallas as the game that will be played on Sunday. Snow, cold weather and now falling ice have led some to question Dallas' worth as a Super Bowl city.
Super Bowl, Dallas Hit With More SnowChicago isn't the only city looking to dig themselves out of unusually heavy snow. Dallas is known for a lot of things, snow isn't one of them.
Jones: Despite Weather, Dallas Still A Super Bowl CityChicago isn't the only city dealing with unusually harsh winter weather. When New York was announced as the host city for the 2014 Super Bowl people were concerned about the cold. That same concern has risen about Dallas.
Bomb Scare At Cowboys Stadium Turns Out To Be TrashA suspicious package that was spotted near the site of the Super Bowl turned out to be trash and an all-clear has been issued by Arlington authorities.
Muller: Attend The Super Bowl For $200, Not QuiteA “snake oil” salesman is a person who exaggerates the benefits of their product-- when in fact-- it has not been proven to have any types of qualities or benefits for it’s user.

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