Dan Bernstein

Bernstein: Let Go Of Your Stupid Past, Cubs FansIt's time to let go of old burdens and appreciate the new day.
The Bernstein Brief: Joe Maddon's Gamble Pays OffThe Cubs went with an offense-first lineup, while the Pirates countered with a defensive-minded unit.
Bernstein: Let's Really Talk NFL And GamblingThere's opportunity for practicality and fairness in sports gambling right in front of us.
Bernstein: Jimmy Butler Making It Clear These Are His BullsButler is validated by a maximum contract and new coach, as his recent words reflect.
Bernstein: Bears Victory Positive EnoughThe Bears are trying to establish a new, more accountable culture under new coaches, and even a handful of victories can create important scaffolding on which to get it built.
The Bernstein Brief: Congratulations, NFL!For the first time in more than six years, the NFL went a calendar month without a player being arrested.
The Bernstein Brief: Time For Doug McDermott To Show SomethingIt's simple for McDemott: make open shots, space the floor, move without the ball.
Bernstein: Why Would Adidas Still Want Derrick Rose?Rose has brought Adidas headache after headache.
Bernstein: Derrick Rose Starts Bulls' Season On Strange NoteConsidering it was media day, Rose picked an odd time to turn his focus to summer 2017.
Bernstein: Bears Never Had A ChanceHow bad was it for Chicago? Well, punter Pat O'Donnell had a career day.
The Bernstein Brief: Patrick Kane Circus Explodes, But End Seems NearThe best bet now is that this case eventually dries up.
Bernstein: There's No Perfect Solution To MLB Playoff UnfairnessThe wild-card format is tough to swallow for the loser -- and especially unfair when that's a great team that got second in a division.