Dan Bernstein

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Bernstein: Gary Bettman’s Denying The Obvious

Bettman claims there’s no link between hockey and CTE.

CBS Chicago–11 hours ago

Hawks wing DeMarre Carroll went down with a knee injury in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Injury-Riddled NBA Playoffs Are Unfortunate

It’s sad that so many key players are hampered or sidelined.

CBS Chicago–05/21/2015

(Getty Images)

Bernstein: NFL Coaches Have More To Consider

Will more teams go for two points with the PAT kick moved back?

CBS Chicago–05/20/2015


The Bernstein Brief: Illinois Athletic Department Needs A Housecleaning

The football and women’s basketball programs are facing allegations of player mistreatment.

CBS Chicago–05/19/2015

Bulls guard Derrick Rose, left, and wing Jimmy Butler. (Getty Images)

Bernstein: Derrick Rose/Jimmy Butler Tension Marred Game 6

There’s a reason why Rose lost his aggressiveness as the Bulls’ season ended meekly last week.

CBS Chicago–05/18/2015

Bulls guard Derrick Rose drive on Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: What Was That From Derrick Rose?

With the season on the line, Rose took four shots in the second half of Thursday’s loss.

CBS Chicago–05/15/2015

Bulls big man Pau Gasol. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Need More Than Just Return Of Pau Gasol

An inspirational return only helps so much.

CBS Chicago–05/14/2015

Bulls forward Taj Gibson, center. (Getty Images)

Bernstein: Refs Got It Wrong In Cleveland

The ejection of Bulls forward Taj Gibson on Tuesday night was ridiculous.

CBS Chicago–05/13/2015

White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: White Sox Are Far From Good

Dig deeper, and this White Sox season is more disastrous than we thought.

CBS Chicago–05/12/2015

Bulls guard Derrick Rose goes up for a layup between LeBron James, left, and Timofey Mozgov of the Cavaliers. (Getty Images)

Bernstein: This Bulls-Cavs Series Is Drunk

Why hasn’t David Blatt been left at the airport already?

CBS Chicago–05/11/2015

Bulls big man Joakim Noah. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Knock It Off, Joakim

Joakim Noah needs to make more noise for the Bulls on the court.

CBS Chicago–05/08/2015

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Bernstein: Superficial ‘Scandal’ Distracts From Real NFL Problems

The NFL protects its shield, in obvious and subtle manners.

CBS Chicago–05/07/2015

Isiah Thomas. (Getty Images)

Bernstein: Why Is Isiah Thomas In Charge Of Anything?

Thomas has ruined basketball franchise after basketball franchise.

CBS Chicago–05/06/2015

Bulls guard Derrick Rose shoots over Cavs forward LeBron James. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Shine, Even As They Confound

Chicago has a 1-0 series lead on Cleveland after a Game 1 win.

CBS Chicago–05/05/2015

White Sox outfielder Melky Cabrera argues with umpire Chad Fairchild. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: The White Sox Don’t Deserve Your Attention

This is how teams play just before managers get fired.

CBS Chicago–05/04/2015

(Getty Images)

Bernstein: Easy Does It For Bears GM Ryan Pace

Pace kept it simple, taking the best available player in Kevin White.

CBS Chicago–05/01/2015

Bears general manager Ryan Pace. (Courtesy of Chicago Bears)

The Bernstein Brief: Bears’ Ryan Pace Is Attached To No One

Past status means nothing to Pace.

CBS Chicago–04/30/2015

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, center, will miss the rest of the season after injuring himself batting. (Getty Images)

Bernstein: Experts Ready For DH In National League

It’s not “if.” It’s “when.”

CBS Chicago–04/29/2015

Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo drives to the hoop against the Bulls. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Raise More Questions, Yet Again

Why the inconsistency from Chicago?

CBS Chicago–04/28/2015

The Cavaliers' Kevin Love, left, suffered a left shoulder injury after getting his arm locked up with the Celtics' Kelly Olynyk. (Getty Images)

The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Catch A Break With Kevin Love’s Injury

Cleveland could be missing J.R. Smith for a game or two to suspension.

CBS Chicago–04/27/2015