Bernstein: Aroldis Chapman Addition Changes Cubs ExperienceIt's been easy to like these Cubs so far. That may soon get more complicated.
The Bernstein Brief: What Complicates A White Sox RebuildThere's a TV rights deal coming up for negotiation, and MLB rules have changes as well.
The Bernstein Brief: There's A Mascot Hall Of Fame?The fun-loving, mischievous furries deserve their own pantheon, and it appears they'll get one.
Bernstein: Roger Goodell Can't LoseAny issue that seemed to threaten Goodell has eventually been either deflected, diminished or consumed and absorbed.
The Bernstein Brief: Jimmy Butler Talks Like He's In ChargeButler isn't changing his straightforward ways, even after the Bulls' high-profile additions.
Bernstein: Jose Abreu's Struggles Weigh On White SoxAbreu's .321 wOBA ranks 118th out of 163 qualified MLB hitters.
The Bernstein Brief: Cubs Dish Up A MonstrosityMay god have mercy on our souls with the hot dog deep dish pizza available for a limited time at Wrigley Field.
Bernstein: Does Tim Tebow Know That Evangelicals Despise Donald Trump?Trump is successfully glomming onto Tebow's celebrity, because he knows he needs to market himself.
The Bernstein Brief: Silver Lining For Cubs In The NL Loss?If the Cubs reach the World Series, they could make great use of the DH spot in key games.
Bernstein: Joe Paterno Abetted Child RapeThe pathetic attempts by the Paterno family to rewrite history have to stop now after newly revealed public testimony.
Bernstein: Justice Done For Jose QuintanaQuintana is an extreme example of how obscured really good pitching can be by circumstances beyond its control.
The Bernstein Brief: Deal For Alshon Jeffery Makes Little SenseThe Bears indeed feel strongly that Jeffery must prove himself as reliable, durable and committed.

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