Daniel I. Dorfman

The Score 670

The Score Celebrates 20 Years On The Air

WSCR-670 AM The Score has grown from a low-budget startup to a powerhouse in 20 years on the air in Chicago.

CBS Chicago–01/03/2012

Soldier Field. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Dorfman: Soldiering On With A Bad Field

Chicago has a lot of problems to deal with, but there is also much to be proud of as well. Too bad the home of its venerable football team does not fall into that category.

CBS Chicago–08/08/2011

Mayor Daley. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Dorfman: Getting Chicago Sports Turned Around – Daley Style

Wednesday night the White Sox honored former Mayor Richard M. Daley with the team’s Roland Hemond Award and deservedly so.

CBS Chicago–08/05/2011

"The Catch" is still visible on the outfield wall at U.S. Cellular Field. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Dorfman: Wise Has Put ‘The Catch’ Behind Him

The beauty of baseball is that one person can come out of nowhere and etch their names into the history books. Such is the case with Dewayne Wise.

CBS Chicago–07/22/2011

A.J. Pierzynski walks away as the Royals celebrate Wednesday night. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Dorfman: White Sox All In… For Frustration

Watching the White Sox is like looking at an accident on an expressway. You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t help yourself.

CBS Chicago–07/21/2011

Fans battle the heat on a Wrigleyville rooftop Tuesday. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Dorfman: Chicago Sports Offer Clues About How To Cope With Temps

With brutal heat expected to encompass Chicago and most of the rest of the country for the next few days, suggestions are being made on how people can cool off.

CBS Chicago–07/20/2011

Roger Clemens

Dorfman: Clemens Wins One For Legal System; Truth May Be A Victim

What happened in the Roger Clemens case yesterday was probably right, but nobody should feel good about it.

670 The Score–07/15/2011

Paul Konerko

Dorfman: Six Reasons To Follow The White Sox Down The Stretch

Trying to come up with reasons to look forward to the White Sox in the second half of the season is not that easy given the cynicism that crept in after their first 92 games. But there are some things for White Sox fans to rally around.

670 The Score–07/13/2011

A.J. Pierzynski and Phillip Humber

Dorfman: Changing Sox Becoming Necessary

You have to give some credit to the White Sox for creativity. At least they find different ways to lose to the Minnesota Twins.

670 The Score–07/08/2011

Ron Kittle

Dorfman: The Night The All-Star Game Was All American

Every so often, a party goes off without a hitch and everyone has a great time. Such was the case of the 50th Anniversary All-Star Game played on this day in 1983.

670 The Score–07/06/2011

Paul Konerko

Dorfman: Konerko Should Be Independent Of Cheesy Campaigns

Today we celebrate Independence Day. On this day 235 years ago, a bunch of sweaty men got together in Philadelphia and formally ratified the document that gave birth to the United States.

670 The Score–07/04/2011

Chicago Bears Training Camp

Dorfman: The Real Victims Of The Lockouts

And so there are two. Both the NBA and the NFL are involved in lockouts right now. The NBA joined the NFL in locking out its players on Thursday and now two of the major sports leagues in the U.S. are involved in simultaneous work stoppages.

670 The Score–07/01/2011

Will Ohman

Dorfman: White Sox Do Not Inspire Hope

Recently, there was some hope perking up from the South Side. After their 11-22 start, the White Sox had gone 27-18 heading into Sunday’s game and were within three and half games of first place. Anybody feeling that great today?

670 The Score–06/29/2011

Frank McCourt

Dorfman: Dodgers Far Removed From Glory Days

Has any franchise ever fallen as far as the Dodgers? The classy ways of the past have been replaced by the buffoonery of owner Frank McCourt.

CBS Chicago–06/28/2011

Adam Dunn

Dorfman: Don’t Boo the Boobirds

There is a lot of talk this week regarding Adam Dunn. Not the lousy numbers he has put up this year, specifically a .175 batting average, seven homers and 29 RBI. Or his 1-for-48 performance against lefties.

670 The Score–06/24/2011

Scottie Pippen

Dorfman: June 22nd – A Day That Turned Chicago Fortunes Around

At first glance, June 22 may not stick out as one of the most important dates in Chicago sports history. Those are reserved for days like January 26, 1986, when the Bears destroyed the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

670 The Score–06/22/2011

A.J. Pierzynski and Michael Barrett

Dorfman: Top 15 Memorable Moments Of White Sox vs. Cubs

Tonight we start our biannual ritual of the White Sox versus the Cubs. Some say the novelty has faded after all these years and there probably is something to that. But the ballparks will be filled (maybe?) for a few days to make the beer distributors happy.

670 The Score–06/20/2011

Tim Weigel on the set of CBS 2. (CBS)

Dorfman: Ten Years Later, We Still Miss Tim Weigel

There are a lot of happy June sports anniversaries in Chicago. The Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship last year, the six Bulls titles or the NBA drafts when they acquired Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Derrick Rose.

670 The Score–06/17/2011

Lance Armstrong

Dorfman: Armstrong And The Art Of Digging A Deeper Hole

Every so often an athlete comes along that you just wish would go away and never be heard from again. If Lance Armstrong does not belong in that category at this point, I don’t know who does.

670 The Score–06/15/2011

Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James

Dorfman: The Heat Is Turned Down…But It May Rise Again

I had no idea June 13th was a national holiday. I thought the calendar was bereft of celebrations between Memorial Day and July 4th. But it seems all of America is honoring this day, or at least all of America outside of South Beach.

670 The Score–06/13/2011