DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Glenn At The Harold Washington Cultural Center"It's a mature car owned by a mature person." - Glenn and his Kia Forte
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Devon At The United Center"I will probably run this car into the ground." - Devon and his Dodge Caravan
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Will At Cellular Field “Every time I get into my car I feel like tonight’s going to be a good night.” - Will and his Chevy Malibu
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Justin At Harpo"I will always have this bike until it just dies or somebody destroys it." - Justin and his Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nialanjan At Rockefeller Memorial Chapel"Everyone always says that they feel like they’re in a spaceship when they drive in it." - Nialanjan and his Toyota Sienna.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Hervetta At The Hyatt "There is something so great about coming down to Chicago in a convertible." - Hervetta and her Mercedes.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jackie At Garfield Park“People feel like it’s a store. There are so many things in it. You can shop in it.” - Jackie and her Honda CRV
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Elliot At Reggie's Music Joint"I don't care who's looking at me. If I feel like dancing, I dance." - Elliot and his Chevy Cavalier
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alexis At Wabash Tap"This is my baby. I love this car." - Alexis and her Buick Regal
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Old St. Mary's Catholic Church"I swear, I'm not a bad driver! I just struggled for awhile to get the hang of it." - Chris and his Honda Accord
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victoria At Solider Field"This was my dream car. I always knew one day I would buy it." - Victoria and her Pontiac Bonneville
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cory At The South Shore Cultural Center“When you buy a car, make sure it has all the features that you desire.” - Cory and his Dodge Neon

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