Ed Curran

Canines and snack bags can be a dangerous combination, a veterinarian warns. (CBS)

Snack Bags Potentially Deadly To Your Pet, Vet Warns

There are supposedly “funny” YouTube videos of dogs with their heads stuck in snack bags. But to veterinarian Larry Fox, it’s no joke. CBS 2’s Ed Curran reports.


U.S. Cellular Field. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

U.S. Cellular Sells Off Chicago Market, But ‘The Cell’ Remains The Same

If you’re a U.S. Cellular customer in the Chicago area, you’ll be getting a new wireless provider, after the company announced it is selling its Chicago market to rival Sprint.

670 The Score–11/07/2012

Chicago mask-maker Phil Zagone (left) talks with Ed Curran about his family's factory on the Northwest Side. (CBS)

Chicago Family Passes Monster-Making Tradition To Next Generation

Zagone Studios is one of the biggest, most respected mask-makers in the world. Phil Zagone and his brother started the company 40 years ago, in a garage.


A woman with "face blindness" sorts through photos of celebrities (Tony Bennett here) that most people would recognize. (CBS)

‘Face Blind’ People Can’t Recognize Celebrities, Even Family Members

Imagine not being able to recognize the faces of people you know. CBS 2’s Ed Curran talks to some “face-blind” people.


Diabetes patients can sign up to get text messages from their doctors with reminders about their diets, medications, and other important information. (Credit: CBS)

Text Messaging System Helps Diabetics Keep In Touch With Doctors

For diabetics, watching your diet, checking blood sugar levels, and taking medications requires a lot of focus and effort.

CBS 2–10/18/2012


Clouds To Give Way To Sunshine, Highs In Upper 60s

The clouds hanging over the lakefront will give way to sunshine Friday afternoon, making for a comfortable end to the day with seasonable temperatures.

CBS Chicago–09/28/2012


Sunshine, Cool Temperatures For The Afternoon

Sunshine and cool temperatures are on the docket for Thursday afternoon, and look for a warm-up coming next week.

CBS Chicago–09/27/2012

During a dry run, a "Flugtag" vehicle gets pushed into Lake Michigan. (CBS)

Low Lake Level Could Sabotage Full ‘Flugtag’ Event

In the annual Flutag, dozens of daring divers in their handcrafted devices take a flying leap off a platform 30 feet in the sky.



Sunny Afternoon Coming As High Hits Low 90s

The normal high for this date is 81 degrees, but the high Friday will be 10 degrees higher than that.

CBS Chicago–08/24/2012


Partly Sunny Skies, Highs In Upper 80s For Afternoon

The showers Thursday morning have fizzled out, and the clouds will give way to some sunshine and seasonably hot temperatures.

CBS Chicago–08/23/2012


Sunny Skies, Temperatures In Mid-80s For The Afternoon

Skies will remain sunny Wednesday afternoon, as the temperature climbs into the 80s for the first time in six days.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2012


Sunny, Cool And Idyllic For Rest Of The Day

It’s a perfect day for being outside, with a gentle breeze, moderate temperatures and sunshine.

CBS Chicago–08/17/2012

Storm Clouds

More Storms Could Be Coming For The Afternoon

Menacing clouds, lightning and heavy rain swept through Chicago just in time for the morning rush Thursday, and more rain may be coming.

CBS Chicago–08/16/2012


Partly Sunny, Rising Heat And Isolated Rain For Afternoon

Rain moved through the area Wednesday morning, but conditions are expected to be at least partly sunny for the afternoon as the heat returns to midsummer highs.

CBS Chicago–08/15/2012

Marissa Bailey

CBS 2 Chicago Adds Weekend Morning News

On September 22, CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) will begin broadcasting local weekend morning newscasts. The CBS 2 Chicago Weekend Morning News will air Saturday mornings from 8:00-9:00 a.m. and Sunday mornings from 7:00-8:00 a.m.



Bright, Beautiful And Cooler By The Lake For The Rest Of The Day

In a 180-degree contrast from Monday, conditions will be bright and beautiful for the rest of the day Tuesday, with sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

CBS Chicago–08/14/2012


Cloudy And Chilly For Rest Of Monday, But Sun Returns Tuesday

Looking back on the beautiful, sunny skies on Saturday as Chicagoans enjoyed the Bud Billiken Parade and the North Halsted Street Market Days, this may seem like the worst kind of Monday. But look for sunshine again on Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–08/13/2012


Highs Just In Low 80s With Occasional Shower Or Storm

The sweltering heat from just two days ago has been cut down to seasonable and comfortable temperatures in the 70s, although occasional showers and storms are likely to persist through the day.

CBS Chicago–07/27/2012


More Storms May Come In Afternoon, Evening

Chicagoans on the early shift had the pleasure of waking up to pouring rain and thunderclaps Thursday morning, and more storms may be coming later in the day.

CBS Chicago–07/26/2012

(CBS File Photo)

Heat To Climb To 99 As Clouds Dissipate

The clouds and occasional bursts of rain and thunder will give way to sunshine – and yet another day of extreme heat – Wednesday afternoon.

CBS Chicago–07/25/2012