Four Moon Tavern

Photo Credit: Cheesie's Pub and Grub

Best Grilled Cheese In Chicago

The grilled cheese is a classic favorite, and restaurants around Chicago have come up with some delicious cheese and flavor combinations for these sandwiches.


(credit: Old Town Ale House)

Best Chicago Budget Bars

Finding affordable, fun watering holes in the city can be difficult. But not to fear! Here are a few of my recommendations for budget-minded bars that satisfy your thirst and don’t drain your pocketbook.


Wing-Free Bar Zones

Wing-Free Bar Zones

The end of Monday means you’ve passed the worst day of work, the weekend hangover is mostly recovered from, and the big game is on. For many, not adding wings at your favorite bar is almost a criminal offense. But sometimes, for any number of reasons, you might need to take a break from Monday Wings. Need to class it up? Looking for something out of the ordinary? Just want to eat a different animal? These Chicago bars and restaurants will take care of your non-wing desires.