Bears Are 1 Of 8 Teams Currently Eligible To Be Drafted For HBO's 'Hard Knocks'Teams can volunteer to be on the show too, but that hasn't happened in recent years.
Atlanta Falcons Will Be Featured On HBO's 'Hard Knocks'This doesn't sound as fun as following the Bears or Browns around.
Stars Not Aligning For Bears To Be On 'Hard Knocks'Several teams have reportedly volunteered for the show, so the NFL won't force it on anyone.
Bernstein: Better Problems For Bears' DefenseThe Bears' defensive problems are more about fitting puzzle pieces together than personnel now.
Baffoe: Bears Would Be Ideal For ‘Hard Knocks’Tim Baffoe lists all the reasons why the Bears would be a great on "Hard Knocks" this summer.
Morning Bears Bits: What Can Be Taken From 'Hard Knocks'?The Bengals have a very impressive coaching staff.
Baffoe: Let’s Mock People Still In Love With Dane SanzenbacherSo let’s mock some folks who assess talent based on preseason spurts, shall we?
Bernstein: The NFL Preseason SucksSome years ago, “exhibition games” became “The Preseason.”

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