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Harry Porterfield

Lena McLin has been a musical mentor to scores of students, including performers who have gone on to have successful careers. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Musical Mentor Lena McLin

Lena McLin has been teaching for more than half a century, and some of the most famous singers in the country were her students. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


A northwest Indiana elementary student talks about raising money for Heifer International. (CBS)

Some Kids You Should Know: Students Who Raise Money For The Poor

The Heifer organization gives animals to needy people in 40 countries around the world. The elementary students were donating $13,127 to the cause. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


The Melodeers (CBS)

Some People You Should Know: The Melodeers

It all began when barbershop patrons started singing while waiting to get their hair cut. A century or so later, the Melodeers chorus is taking the music to a dazzling new height with 140 ladies singing in unaccompanied four-part harmony. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Alex Levesque (right) works with Quantrell Haywood at the Automotive Mentoring Group garage, a nonprofit Levesque founded to train youths how to restore classic cars, as an alternative to gangs and drugs. (Credit: CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Automotive Mentoring Group

For more than two decades, a Chicago group has been working to help troubled kids, and the approach it takes is all about cars.

CBS 2–04/26/2013

Amilee Cruikshank at work. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: 109-Year-Old Receptionist

Amilee Cruikshank is a unique person: She still works four days a week and is in excellent health, despite the fact that she will soon be 109 years old. CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says she’s someone you should know.


Collett Renfro (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Dollhouse Artisan Collette Renfro

If you think the world is too big and could be a little smaller, why not try making doll houses? A good place start is the Blackberry Harvest Dollhouse Museum in Homewood, CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


One of the robots developed at the Chicago Math and Science Academy. (CBS)

Some People You Should Know: Robot-Makers Of CMSA

At the Chicago Math and Science Academy, students are becoming young experts in robotics and winning awards for them. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Lee Krizka and her dog, Merlot. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Lee Krizka And Her Dog, Merlot

Lee Krizka and her dog, Merlot, both have disabilities, but they make quite a team. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Collage artist Annie King Phillips works on one of her latest creations. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Collage Artist Annie King Phillips

First a teacher and then a healthcare administrator, at 75 Phillips began creating collages from bits and pieces of paper and fabric. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Bob Lee, Cancer Survivor

Someone You Should Know: Cancer Survivor, Fundraiser Bob Lee

Bob Lee of Barrington is giving back to cancer research and other causes. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Sam Lozada (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Entertainer Sam Lozada

Same Lozada and his wife, Janice, perform at more than 300 nursing homes. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Seymour Goldberg, 79, works as a motorcycle mechanic. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Career-Switching Motorcycle Mechanic, 79

Six days a week, you can find Seymour Goldberg at his shop, Seymour’s BMW, at 3510 N. Elston, where he starts work at 5 a.m. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Shuli Eschel made a documentary about Maxwell Street.

Someone You Should Know: Filmmaker Shuli Eschel

Eschel’s documentary captures the history of the Maxwell Street Market. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Mae Ya Carter Ryan at a recent performance. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Singing Prodigy Mae Ya Carter Ryan

Her commanding voice is even more remarkable when you realize Mae Ya Carter Ryan is only 11. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.


Polished Pebbles founder Kelly Fair (CBS)

Some People You Should Know: Polished Pebbles Participants

CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield introduces us to a program that enhances the self-esteem of young women.


Funny Bones Improv (CBS)

Some People You Should Know: Funny Bones Improv

CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield introduces us to some performers who believe laughter is the best medicine.


Mike McCutcheon supervises the New Lenox Wood Works. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: New Lenox Wood Works

Benches and birdhouses are some of the products they make at the New Lenox Wood Works, but what’s most important is the joy the place brings to the people who work there.


Sean Cleland (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Irish Fiddler Sean Cleland

The award-winning Irish fiddler and founder and director of the Irish Music School of Chicago grew up on the city’s North Side.


Boxing coach George Hernandez. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Boxing Coach George Hernandez

Over the years, George Hernandez has trained thousands of professional and amateur boxers and at least 30 are classified as world champions.


Etta Schiller, 100, continues to volunteer and stay active. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: 100-Year-Old Volunteer

Etta Schiller just celebrated her 100th birthday and she’s still going strong. CBS 2′s Harry Porterfield reports.