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Temperature Hits 100 Degrees In Some Spots

The forecast high for the day is still near the triple digits, and the temperature could even rise to 100.

CBS Chicago–07/20/2011

Willie Miller, 89, sits on her Austin porch during Monday's extreme heat and humidity. (CBS)

Neighborhood Hit Hard By ’95 Heat Wave Coping With This Week’s Hot Weather

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez checks in with residents of the Austin neighborhood to see how they’re dealing with this week’s heat wave.



Heat Means Increased Profits For Purveyors Of Cold Drinks, Fans

The heat is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, but it also means increased profits for some.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

Power Outage

Everyone Has Power Back, But Heat Now Worries ComEd

It was about 24 hours shy of a full week after the violent storm last week when the final ComEd customers got their power back.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

Women Run On Hot Day

Dangerous Heat To Hover All Week Long

Sunday was only the beginning. Conditions will be sticky and miserable all week, and officials are advising Chicagoans to watch out for their neighbors who might be at risk.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

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Hot, Humid Weather Headed For Illinois

A scorching heat wave will keep much of Illinois in the 90s this week.


Gary Niesel's home will be heating up this weekend; he has no air-conditioning. (CBS)

Not Everyone Will Have The Benefit Of Air-Conditioning In Coming Heat Wave

Chicago officials warn residents to take the heat and humidity seriously over the weekend, as temperatures hit the 90s and above.


Summer Sun

Could Coming Heat Wave Mean More Outages?

The power crisis from the storms on Monday have caused immense frustration for hundreds of thousands of people in the Chicago area, but could a heat wave coming this weekend mean a whole new round of outages?

CBS Chicago–07/15/2011

Power Outage

ComEd Plans To Have All Power Restored By Day’s End

ComEd is stepping up its timeline for restoring electricity from the storm at the beginning of the week, with plans to get the lights back on for every customer later today.

CBS Chicago–07/15/2011

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Dangerous Heat Settling On Chicago Area

The forecast high for today remains 97 degrees. But conditions will be humid and sticky, and the heat index will make it feel like it’s 100 to 105 degrees.

CBS Chicago–07/01/2011


Sweltering Heat Wave Sets In Across Chicago Area

It’s the hottest day of the year in Chicago, with a forecast just a few degrees short of an all-time record for the day.

CBS Chicago–06/07/2011

Generic sun image (Getty Images)

City Officials Warn Residents About Heat Wave

With temperatures in the 90s hitting Chicago this week, city officials tell residents to be careful and to check on older and isolated neighbors.