Interest Rates

Stack of cash (CBS)

AG Madigan Sues Cash Lender For Predatory Lending

An Elgin-based cash-lending business is charging its customers with interest rates as high as 500 percent, state prosecutors say.


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Chicago Students Grapple With Loan Interest Shocker

Student loan interest rates doubled on Monday after the U.S. Senate failed to reached an agreement to ease the increase.



FTC Sues Robocallers Over $30 Million Scam

The Federal Trade Commission has estimated hundreds of millions of dollars are being collected by robocall scams, and it has sued five companies to stop the practice.


Montage Of Credit Cards. (AP Graphic)

Survive This Economy: Tackling Credit Card Debt

Every week on CBS 2, we’re trying to help you, “Survive This Economy.” Today, we tackle a problem millions of us have – credit card debt.

CBS 2–11/15/2011

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President Orders Changes To Student Loans

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama outlined measures intended to lighten the load on college grads, by lowering their payments. The help can’t come soon enough for some students.

CBS Chicago–10/26/2011

Dan Rutherford

Treasurer: State Making More Money Than Usual

The state is making more money than usual, though not enough to fill the budget gap.

CBS Chicago–08/02/2011

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Debt Ceiling Debate Becoming A Dangerous Game

Republicans and Democrats in Washington remained far apart on a deal to increase the federal debt ceiling and Wall Street is really worried, chalking up the biggest losses in nearly a year.

CBS Chicago–07/27/2011

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‘Rapid Rescore’ Could Save You Money

Updating your credit report could lower your interest rate on loans,but you’ll have to pay for the service.

CBS 2–10/18/2010