Jane Doe

An artist's rendering of a woman who has found dead 20 years ago. (Credit: Michigan State Police)

Michigan Police Still Seek ID On Woman Killed 20 Years Ago

Michigan State Police are still trying to identify a woman who was murdered and left on the side of a road 20 years ago this month.


Unidentified Woman

Police Seek To Identify Woman Who Doesn’t Know Her Name

Police are trying to identify a woman who was brought to St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center in the Englewood neighborhood on June 30, and did not know her name.

CBS Chicago–07/10/2012

Hospital Bed

5 State Wards Remain John And Jane Does

There are five people in the state of Illinois who share an unusual distinction – no one has known who they are for years, and they don’t even know themselves.

CBS Chicago–02/21/2012