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Best Seafood In Chicago

The Midwest isn’t near an ocean, but Chicagoans still demand good seafood.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010

Wings from Jake Melnick's. (credit:

Best Chicken Joints In Chicago

Chicken comes in all styles, and it hard not to love them all.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010


Best Sandwiches In Chicago

Some may be happy with a PB&J for lunch each day, but that doesn’t cut it here.


Macarons from Floriole. (credit:

Best Bakeries In Chicago

People love their sweets, and in Chicago bakeries have taken it to the next level.

CBS Chicago–10/02/2010

Skewered chickend & chorizo sausage from Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. (credit:

Best Tapas In Chicago

What better way is there to taste a whole menu in a fun group setting with lots of drinks than tapas?

CBS Chicago–10/02/2010

Some of the fare from Shallots Bistro. (credit:

Best Kosher Food In Chicago

The first question when talking about a kosher restaurant is whether or not it’s meat or dairy.

CBS Chicago–10/02/2010

Gnocchi from Cafe Lucci. (credit:

Best Italian Food In Chicago

Whatever you’re looking for in Italian food, you can find it in Chicago.

CBS Chicago–10/02/2010

BBQ from Honky Tonk. (credit:

Best Barbecue In Chicago

Some fantastic chefs have taken styles from around the country to provide Chicagoans with the whole spectrum of barbecue flavor.

CBS Chicago–10/02/2010

Emerald noodle from Thai Elephant. (credit:

Best Thai Food In Chicago

Thai food can involve a bit of adventure as well as some basic dishes at a very high quality.

CBS Chicago–09/30/2010

Lou Malnati's pizza. (credit:

Best Pizza In Chicago

If someone was visiting Chicago and asked what kind of food they’d have to try, the answer would undoubtedly be pizza.

CBS Chicago–09/30/2010