Joffrey Ballet

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Joffrey Ballet To Livestream Rehearsal Of Swan Lake On Youtube Thursday

Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet is doing something tomorrow no other ballet company has ever done, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger.



Joffrey Ballet To Begin Nutcracker Auditions Next Month

It might still be summer, but Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet company is looking ahead to its annual Christmastime tradition – a production of the Nutcracker.



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Joffrey Ballet

Joffrey Ballet Reaches Agreement To Avoid Lockout

A tentative deal has been reached to keep dancers on their toes with the Joffrey Ballet.

CBS Chicago–07/15/2011

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Joffrey Ballet Preparing For Lock-Out Amid Labor Dispute

Joffrey Ballet dancers have been told to clean out their lockers because the old contract has expired and contract talks have broken down.

CBS Chicago–07/04/2011