Former President Obama Reported For Jury Duty, But His Panel Wasn't NeededLike other jurors, Obama will be paid $17.20 for reporting for duty.
Obama's Jury Duty Begins WednesdayThe former president, who has a Chicago residence, will arrive at one of the courthouses in Cook County.
Obama Called For Jury DutyThe two-term president, who owns homes in Washington, D.C., and Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood, will serve in November, a local judge says.
Walter's Perspective: Rahm Showed For Jury Duty? Good For HimOh, what a nice days it's been. Except for the damp and the grey outside, I had no reason today to be crabby, didn't find a bad politician today to pick on.
Rahm Emanuel Reports For Jury Duty, Tweets From Jury Pool Room Even Chicago's big boss doesn't get out of jury duty--or at least reporting for jury duty.
Juror Avoids Jail After Leaving Town In Middle Of TrialA medical supply salesman who left town in the middle of jury duty avoided going to jail when he was sentenced for contempt of court on Tuesday, but he must attend a legal symposium on the jury system as part of his punishment.
Jury Slacker Ordered To Carry Sign: 'I Failed To Appear For Jury Duty' A prospective juror in a fatal drunken driving crash case who left in the middle of jury selection has been ordered to stand in front of the Lake County Courthouse the next two Mondays with a sign that says, “I failed to appear for jury duty.”
Cops Warn Of Jury Duty Scam In Kendall CountyThe Kendall County sheriff’s office is warning residents about a jury duty scam that tries to get personal information from residents.

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