Players Still Reviewing Proposed Deal; Vote UnclearNFL players are still reviewing the written proposal owners voted on and passed Thursday, according to NFLPA president Kevin Mawae.
Bernstein: NFL Players Cracking At Deadline?When NFL players decertified their union months ago, it was a cosmetic, procedural move to pave the way for antitrust litigation in an attempt to gain leverage against owners bent on grabbing a bigger share of the profits.
Mediation Continues With Lockout Back In PlaceA day after the NFL Lockout was upheld by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the league's owner players and the legal teams returned to court for another mediation session.
NFL Asks Judge To Keep Lockout In PlaceNFL claims that there are no legal grounds to remove the current lockout, and on Monday that's the case they brought before a federal judge.
NFL, Players' Union Enter 13th Day Of NegotiationsThe NFL players' union and the NFL owners will continue, for the 13th day, to try and work out how to split the roughly $9 billion in annual revenues.
NFL Lockout Is Millionaires Against BillionairesWith the Super Bowl coming up in another week and a lockout looming for the NFL, celebrations might not as exciting as some would like. Owners want to make more money and cut the players earnings.
NFL Owner Not Optimistic About 2011 SeasonIt seems everyday brings a new outlook for the 2011 NFL season. Yesterday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he was hopeful a new deal could be reached. Today, comes a less optimistic outlook.
Bears Players And Their Families Could Lose Health Care In March
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