Longer School Day

Chicago Public Schools

CPS, Union Reach Temporary Deal On Longer School Day

The Emanuel administration and the Chicago Teachers Union are calling a ceasefire in their continuing skirmishes over a longer school day for the Chicago Public Schools.

CBS Chicago–11/04/2011

CPS Classroom

Many Parents Think 7 ½-Hour School Day Too Long

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is turning his campaign for a longer school day up a notch, while some parents and teachers argue that A 7 ½-hour day is just too long.

CBS 2–11/02/2011

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Board Of Ed Urges Charter Schools To Lengthen Day

The Chicago Board of Education is looking to sweeten the deal for charter schools if they adopt a longer school day.

CBS Chicago–10/25/2011

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Labor Board Sides With Union Over Longer School Day

A state labor board is unanimously siding with the Chicago Teachers union as it tries to stop Mayor Emanuel’s push for a longer school day.


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CPS: Union Not Responding To Invitation To Discuss Longer School Day

Chicago Public Schools officials say they have not received any response from the union for an invitation to a meeting on plans for a longer school day.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2011

Chicago Public Schools

School Support Staff Stand With Teachers On Longer School Day

Unions representing support staff at the Chicago Public Schools are speaking out in support of teachers on the issue of a longer school day.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2011

Teachers union representatives met with aldermen at a Chicago hotel Monday. (CBS)

Teachers Union Courts Aldermen In Debate Over Longer School Day

School was in session Monday -– for aldermen. The Chicago Teachers Union was busy trying to convince City Council members that it is not trying to obstruct plans for a longer school day.


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Teachers Union To Go To Aldermen With Case Against Longer School Day

The Chicago Teachers Union is taking its case against a longer school day directly to the City Council.

CBS Chicago–09/30/2011

CTU President Karen Lewis; Mayor Rahm Emanuel (CBS)

City Hall, Teachers Continue Trading Barbs Over Longer School Day

Bad blood between City Hall and the Chicago Teachers Union showed no sign of getting any better on Wednesday as the mayor and the union traded shots again over the push to get teachers to voluntarily accept a longer school day.

CBS 2–09/28/2011

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Longer Day Begins For Some CPS Students

The school day is now longer for students at six Chicago Public elementary schools, and the pupils are taking it all in stride.

CBS Chicago–09/26/2011

William H Brown Elementary School (Credit: CBS)

Teachers At Brown Discuss Approval Of Longer School Day

Chicago Public School teachers were speaking out for the first time on Tuesday about the difficult decision to vote for a longer school day. So far, teachers at 12 public schools have agreed to extend the school day by 90 minutes.

CBS Chicago–09/20/2011

School day website. (Credit: CBS)

Chicago Schools Launch New Website On Longer School Day

Chicago Public Schools administrators want your input on how to use the extra time that will be added to the school day starting next year.


Walter Jacobson

Walter’s Perspective: Taking Emanuel’s Side In Spat With Teachers

It’s not easy to take sides in the big battle in Chicago between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union regarding a longer school day, but my side is on the Rahm side.

CBS 2–09/13/2011

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard discussed the future of the school system at a public forum at UIC on Sept. 13, 2011. (Credit: CBS)

Brizard, Lewis Talk Longer School Day At Public Forum

While the debate over a longer school day in Chicago continued to heat up, the heads of the teachers union and the Chicago Public Schools held a spirited debate Tuesday evening on the future of the school system.

CBS Chicago–09/13/2011

Chicago Public Schools

Two More Chicago Public Schools Break Ranks To Lengthen Day

A sixth school has now broken ranks with the Chicago Teachers Union, and gone ahead with lengthening its school day.

CBS Chicago–09/13/2011

CTU President Karen Lewis; Mayor Rahm Emanuel (CBS)

CTU President: Enraged Mayor Swore, ‘Disrespected’ Her During Private Talk

CTU president Karen Lewis accuses Mayor Emanuel of getting in her face and yelling at her during a recent meeting to discuss a longer school day.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel On Longer School Day: Why Wait?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speaking out again in strong support of a longer day for Chicago Public Schools students.

CBS Chicago–09/09/2011

Chicago City Council Chambers (CBS)

City Council Backs Longer School Day; 4th School OKs Extra Time

As a fourth school in Chicago voted to accept a longer school day, the City Council gave its unanimous support to the push to add at least 90 minutes to the school day at Chicago Public Schools.

CBS Chicago–09/08/2011

STEM School Opening

First Day Of School Arrives; Longer School Day Debate Rages On

The first day of school arrived Tuesday for students at Chicago Public Schools, in the midst of a battle between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union over longer school days.

CBS Chicago–09/06/2011

Chicago Public Schools

Kids Prepare For First Day Of Class Amid Longer Day Debate

As students and parents were preparing for the first day of school in just two days, the head of the teachers union was standing firm in insisting that schools should wait for a more detailed plan before implementing a longer school day.

CBS Chicago–09/04/2011