Police Chief Unhappy With 'Extremely Light' Sentence For Scammer An Ohio man is in jail here in Cook County for 60 days - accused of a magazine sales scam - and a suburban police chief is upset because he thinks the sentence should have been tougher.
Magazine Names Chicago's Alinea The World's Best RestaurantThe famed Alinea restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood has been named the best restaurant in the world by a publication that bills itself as the private jet lifestyle magazine.
Guide To: Printers' BallThere is absolutely nothing like Printers' Ball. Anywhere. Its unique and vibrant nature makes it hard to tell you exactly what it is, so here's what it isn't: literally a ball, hoop skirts and tuxedos are not needed; a convention, or an expo, or a festival either, plenty is shown off and displayed, but nothing's sold; more than anything else, Printers' Ball is not something you want to miss.
New Design Coming For Chicago ReaderIf you pick up a copy of the Chicago Reader this week, you’ll find some radical changes from the issue that came out last Thursday.
StreetWise Seeks To Keep The Needy SafeThe organization behind StreetWise magazine is stepping up efforts to keep panhandlers off the streets and safe.

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