With Use Of Deadly Force In Question, Some Cops Learning Martial ArtsThe way police officers react to calls has been questioned during recent police-involved shootings, not only in Chicago, but across the country. Now a martial arts training center in Evanston is teaching officers to make arrests without using deadly force.
Restaurant Owner Serves Knuckle Sandwich To Alleged iPhone ThiefJason Chan, a Lincoln Park restaurateur, delivered some street justice last week when a suspect ran off with a patron's iPhone.
Best MMA And Martial Arts Studios In ChicagoGo full-contact and combative in Chicago at some of the best mixed martial arts studios the city has to offer. Expect a combination of jiu jitsu, kickboxing, boxing and wrestling styles to exhaust and beat you into shape quickly and efficiently in the hands of these area pros. Learn techniques that include striking, grappling, standing and grounding while building self-confidence, focus and strength.
Martial Arts Teacher Helps Kids Handle BulliesA north suburban martial arts teacher has begun to offer free classes to children who have been the targets of bullies in their schools and neighborhoods.

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