Field Museum Scientists Studying Meteorite Found After January FireballThe golf ball-sized meteorite was recovered on a frozen pond in Michigan after a fireball lit up the sky on Jan. 16, when a meteor fell to Earth.
Field Museum To Study Meteorite From Michigan After Tuesday's FireballPhilip Heck, the Field Museum’s Pritzker Associate Curator for Meteorites and Polar studies, said he's really excited to get his hands on the rock.
Field Museum Gets "Oddball" Green MeteoriteThe Field Museum has unveiled an unusual find – a green meteorite discovered in southern Morocco two years ago.
Field Museum Studying Martian MeteoriteScientists at the Field Museum have been studying a meteorite from Mars that could lead to a demotion of the Red Planet.
Philanthropist Donates Meteorite Fragment To Field MuseumA philanthropist specializing in meteorites has given the Field Museum ten grams of a 4.6 billion year old meteorite that exploded last month over northern California.

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