Mob Attacks

Don Welsh

Report: Tourism Chief Backtracks After Reports That Crime Is Hurting Efforts

The man in charge of promoting Chicago conventions and tourism is backpedaling on reports quoting him as saying that the recent crime wave in the city is going to damage his best efforts, unless it is quickly quelled.

CBS Chicago–07/12/2012

A surveillance camera at a CTA train station. (Credit: CBS)

CTA Boss: Surveillance Cameras Could Help Deter Mob Attacks

The head of the Chicago Transit Authority said he hopes surveillance cameras aboard CTA trains and at CTA stations will act as a deterrent to more mob attacks like the ones that occurred this past weekend.

WBBM Newsradio–06/14/2012

Gold Coast Mob Attack

Northwestern Hospital Warns Workers About Recent Mob Attacks

A memo has been sent out to thousands of employees of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, warning of two recent mob attacks on doctors – one near Prentice Women’s Hospital, the other a few blocks north of the Northwestern hospital campus.

CBS Chicago–06/13/2012

(Credit: Steve Hardy/CBS Local)

Mayor Confident Police Will Handle Mob Attacks, Rise In Gang Violence

Mayor Rahm Emanuel was trying to reassure the public that Chicago Police are moving quickly to stop the kind of mob attacks which occurred this past weekend, as well as the spike in gang violence this year.

WBBM Newsradio–06/13/2012

Supt. Garry McCarthy

McCarthy: City’s Crime Crisis Is ‘Not Going To Be Solved Overnight’

In a weekend marred by a rash of shootings that left at least eight people dead and 40 wounded – as well as three violent mob attacks on innocent people in and around downtown, police Supt. Garry McCarthy emphasizes that the problem of violence in Chicago is “not going to be solved overnight.”

CBS 2–06/11/2012

Gold Coast Mob Attack

Eight Teens Charged In Mob Attacks Over The Weekend

Eight people have been charged with mob action, after four people were hurt in at least three mob attacks in and near downtown over the weekend.

CBS Chicago–06/10/2012

(Credit: CBS)

Violent Mob Attacks Mar Wisconsin State Fair

Violent mob attacks inside the festival grounds have marred the Wisconsin State Fair in suburban Milwaukee.

CBS Chicago–08/05/2011

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Jackson: Structure, Activity For Youth Is Answer To Stopping Mobs

The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Friday said more structure and activity for Chicago youth could go a long way to prevent the teenage mob violence that has been seen in the city in recent weeks.

CBS Chicago–06/24/2011

Police At Taste

Police Out In Force To Prevent Crime At Taste Of Chicago

It’s been a violent start to the summer, with a string of mob attacks close to downtown leaving people wondering about safety at the Taste of Chicago starting today.

CBS Chicago–06/24/2011

Chicago police patrol North Avenue Beach. (CBS)

With School Out, Police Presence Boosted Downtown

With school out and in the wake of mob attacks along the lakefront, the Chicago Police Department is making a big show of force along the beaches and Michigan Avenue.

CBS Chicago–06/17/2011

Supt. Garry McCarthy

McCarthy On Mob Attacks: Police Are ‘On Top’ Of It

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy on Tuesday downplayed the significance of mob attacks in the downtown area, and said police are “on top of” the situation.

CBS 2–06/14/2011

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Talks Buisness, Chicago Mob Attacks

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was in Chicago over the weekend, addressing expatriates who gathered in the city for a two-day event.

WBBM Newsradio–06/13/2011

Chicago police officer standing on a corner (Credit: CBS)

Police Out In Force To Prevent More Mob Attacks

New Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy says officers are going to “clamp down very hard” against the perpetrators of mob violence near downtown.

CBS Chicago–06/09/2011

Mob Attack

Are Mob Attacks Drowning Out Plight Of Poorer Neighborhoods?

Have news reports about mobs of teenagers rampaging along the Gold Coast and Streeterville eclipsed stories about ongoing gang violence in poorer neighborhoods?

CBS Chicago–06/09/2011

Racial Profiling Concerns

Some Worry Mob Attacks Are Encouraging Racial Profiling

A few “bad teens” may have started the series of mob attacks in Chicago. But is their action making life difficult for other teens who just want to enjoy the city?

CBS 2–06/08/2011

Mob Attack

Victim Of Mob Attack Wants Suspects ‘Put Away’

A suburban teenager is one of the latest victims of an attack in downtown Chicago. He’s suffering from a punctured lung after the brutal attack at the hands of a mob ofyoung men.

CBS Chicago–06/08/2011

Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue Businesses Worry About Effects Of Mobs

UPDATED: 6/8/2011 11:29 p.m. CHICAGO (CBS) — The rash of mob attacks in the Streeterville neighborhood has tourism officials admitting the negative publicity could be bad for business during the busy summer season. With the […]

CBS Chicago–06/08/2011

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy

Mob Attacks Leave McCarthy With Heater Case

The City Council has approved Garry McCarthy as the new police superintendent, and he already has a heater case on his desk.

CBS Chicago–06/08/2011

Supt. Garry McCarthy

McCarthy Hits The Ground Running As Chicago’s Top Cop

With another mob attack Tuesday night in the Gold Coast, and several more over the weekend, new Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has his hands full. He sat down with CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine.

CBS Chicago–06/08/2011

Streeterville Suspects

5 Teens Charged In Streeterville Mob Attacks

At least five teens have been charged in a string of mob-style attacks in the bustling Streeterville neighborhood over the weekend.

CBS Chicago–06/06/2011