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Jerry Scalise, Arthur Rachel

FBI Tapes Reveal Mobsters’ Talks Of Robbery Plans

When an aging mob crew plotted a series of armed robberies, Big Brother was watching from above. The FBI was using either a plane, a helicopter, a satellite or perhaps a drone to keep tabs on the would-be stickup men.

CBS 2–01/24/2012

Reputed mobsters Robert Pullia (left) and Jerry Scalise (right) enter the Dirksen Federal Building before pleading guilty to planning a series of robberies on Jan. 18, 2012. (Credit: CBS)

Elderly Mobsters Plead Guilty To Planning Heists

Two elderly reputed mobsters raised the white flag on Wednesday as they were set to go on trial, pleading guilty to a series of planned robberies.

CBS 2–01/18/2012