Chicago Park District Kicks Off 6th Season Of Night Out In The ParksThe sixth summer season of Night Out in the Parks is set to bring 40 new artists and cultural organizations to Chicago parks around the city. 
Chicago Parks Offering Rewards Program To Attract TeensYou start by going to and earning 100 points just to register and an additional 75 points for linking your social media accounts to the program.
Dog Poop Puts Halt To Movies In ParkPiles of poop are putting the brakes on an outdoor summer movie series.
Best Summer Movie Events In ChicagoFrom film festivals to outdoor movie screenings, the Chicago area offers a wealth of opportunities to see both old favorites and new films on the big screen. Check out the following summer movie events and find an event near you.
Best Places For Film Buffs In ChicagoLove films and movies? Try going to some of the best places to see them in Chicago.
Movies In The Parks: Summer's SaviorHonestly, we’re not sure why it took us so long to realize there should be a movie playing outside in a park every day of the summer. You go to the beach, you play some sports, maybe you just grill all day and do cannonballs in the pool, but then you want to gather up and watch a good-timey movie with the gang. We’ve rounded up some of our own favorite Movies in the Parks below!
Best Alternative Film Picks and Locations in ChicagoIn a city with as large and diverse of an audience as Chicago, a variety in cinema is a must. We’ve put together some of our favorite alternative spots to catch a film that you won’t find anyplace outside the Windy City.

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