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File photo of fire hydrants (Vince Bucci/ Getty Images)

Chicagoan Catches City Vehicle Blocking Fire Hydrant

A Chicago Fire Department spokesman says firefighters can lose precious seconds if a vehicle is keeping fire hoses from proper hookups. He calls it a safety hazard. CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.


Smart phone user (CBS)

Parking Meter Convenience App Being Test-Driven In West Loop

The pilot program, which will last two to three weeks, is being conducted in an area bounded by Madison to Monroe and Halsted to Racine.


Chicago Parking Meter (CBS)

Attorney Hopes To Undo Parking Meter Deal

A little-discussed, under-the-radar lawsuit is making its way through the courts and could, if successful, declare the Chicago parking meter deal to be illegal. CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.


Parking Meter Pay Box

Parking Pay Box Pops Up To Dismay Of Businesses

Free parking on a block-long stretch of Touhy is now history. Local store owner says the new pay parking is driving customers away.

WBBM Newsradio–11/09/2010

Photo Of Parking Pay Box, Jeffery Kaput Booking Photo (WBBM Photo / Chicago Police Photo)

Man Charged In Theft Of Parking Meter Boxes

He drops his crack pipe during arrest, cops say.

WBBM Newsradio–10/27/2010

A Chicago parking pay and display box (Credit: CBS)

UPDATED: Several Parking Meter Pay Boxes Stolen

Police are investigating a rash of recent thefts of the 200-pound pay-and-display parking meter boxes.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2010