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Rashied Davis

Davis: Players ‘Want A Fair Deal’

Thursday afternoon the NFL and players’ union announced a 24-hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement. The extension opened up the possibility of avoiding a lock out of any length.

670 The Score–03/04/2011

Roger Goodell

NFL, Players’ Union Extend Deadline

The NFL and the players’ union have officially extended the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement by 24 hours.


Barack Obama

Obama Will Stay Out Of NFL Labor Talks

President Barack Obama had a clear message for the NFL and the players’ union: I don’t intend to get involved in your labor dispute and you should be able to work things out so each side has enough money.


Chicago Bears Fan

Muller: How Will The ‘Forgotten Half’ Cope With An NFL Lockout?

Every Sunday afternoon in the fall, people around the country gravitate towards their favorite drinking establishments, invite their friends over for a little BBQ and refreshments.


Geovany Soto and Alex Rios

Baseball Owners And Union Begin Labor Talks

It seems like 2011 is the year of labor negotiations in the sports world. As the NFL prepares itself for a work stoppage, Major League tries to get a jump start on renegotiating their labor agreement.


NFL Players Association Representatives

NFL Lockout May Come By Day’s End

The NFL is now looking at the very real possibility of not having a 2011 season.

CBS Chicago–03/03/2011

Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones

On Last Day Before CBA Expiration, Mediation Session Lasts 4 Hours

The 10 members of the NFL owners’ labor committee, along with commissioner Roger Goodell, spent four hours in a mediated negotiation session with the the players’ union.


NFL Players Association Representatives

NFL Players’ Union May Decertify As Lockout Looms

WASHINGTON (CBS) — A lockout is looming as the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the players’ union expires Thursday night, and a published report says little progress has been made. Previous reports have […]

CBS Chicago–03/02/2011

Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith

Simplifying The NFL Labor Discussion

On Thursday, the current collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the Players’ Union is set to expire, triggering the first step leading towards a lockout of the players.

670 The Score–03/01/2011

Chicago White Sox

Baseball’s Union Wants To Start New CBA Talks

The NBA held pro-active labor discussions during the weekend’s All-Star game festivities. And it appears as if baseball is looking for an even more pro-active approach.


Major Wright at NFL Combine

A Boycott Of NFL Scouting Combine?

Some kind of protest – possibly even a boycott – might accompany the NFL scouting combine later this month, according to a published report.

CBS Chicago–02/14/2011

NFL Logo

NFL Owners: Players Want A Lockout

While teams will be trading hits this weekend in the NFL Playoffs, it appears that lawyers for the NFL owners and Players Union will be doing the same, if they haven’t been already.


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Extra Games Key To NFL Labor Talks

After all of the add attention the NFL has put in dangerous hits to the head and player safety, the league is still determined to push for additional games in the collective bargaining process with the players union.