A clever way to fix a pothole. (Credit: Reddit)

The Best Damn Pothole Fix. Period

As the mayor’s office will tell you, city crews have been hard at work filling a bazillion potholes created by the brutal, historic winter.


This slush-filled canyon on North Menard stranded motorists Friday. (CBS)

Giant Austin Pothole Strands Motorists

It’s on the 1600 block of North Menard and is about the size of a children’s kiddie pool — if not bigger – and is full of slush.


A pothole in Albany Park. (Credit: CBS)

Car Owners Can Get Compensation From Chicago For Pothole Damage

If a Chicago pothole damages your car, you can apply for compensation from the city.


One Chicago neighborhood got a long-sought pothole patch job, but the work didn't last. Neighbors say the work method was faulty. (CBS)

2 Investigators: Costly Pothole Patchwork Didn’t Last

Some Northwest Side residents wanted to know why a pothole patch job disintegrated quickly. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman finds out.