Puppy Mill

A puppy mill. (File Photo Credit: Humane Society of the United States)

Durbin Cosponsors Bill To Close Puppy Mill Loophole

Animal rights groups say it’s long overdue and much needed – a bill introduced last week that would close a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act that allows unscrupulous breeders to sell sick, malnourished and mistreated puppies online, completely unregulated.


Dog Patch Pet & Feed (Credit: Dog Patch Pet & Feed website)

Naperville Pet Store Wins Award For Saving Puppies

A Naperville pet store owner is getting an award for making the transition from selling puppies–to finding homes for rescues.


(Credit: (ThinkStock)

Quarrel Nearly Leads To Arrests At Anti-Puppy Mill Protest

There were no arrests at a demonstration outside an Orland Park pet shop Sunday, but police came close.

CBS Chicago–01/30/2012

Puppy Mill Dogs Up For Adoption

Several dogs go up for adoption today (Friday, March 25) in Chicago after being rescued from puppy mills in Missouri.