After The Bell: Stocks Higher, Capping Solid WeekStocks closed sharply higher Friday, capping off a solid week of gains, as investors digested strength in retail and technology.
According To FBI Statistics, Chicago Lags Behind National Murder DecreasesWhile Chicago's murder totals have seen small declines, robberies and aggravated assaults have gone down at a faster rate than the nation as a whole.
FBI's Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In AmericaThe FBI's violent crime report is not a ranking — there are no winners, no losers. Mostly, these statistics are here to help individual cities track their crime over long periods of time...
Cook County's Rate Of Gun Deaths Low Compared To Some Neighbors, Southern StatesCook County, home to a city so infamous it has multiple nicknames inspired by its murder totals, has a smaller rate of gun deaths than many would expect.
2014 On Track To See Fewer Homicides, With Some Chicago Neighborhoods Still Being Left BehindAs of November 30th, Chicago's homicides are down when compared to last year. Though it looks likely 2014 will see fewer homicides than 2013, there are many factors, including a substantial rise in homicides in November, that could stop that from happening.
Year After Year, These Chicago Neighborhoods Continue To See The Most HomicidesOver the span of seven years, the same neighborhoods continued to log more homicides than the rest of the city.
The Chicago Neighborhoods That Didn't See A Drop In HomicidesThe sizable drop in homicides in 2013 is great... as long as you don't live in one of the neighborhoods that saw an increase.
Chicago Homicide Rate Saw A Large Drop In 2013, But Still Lags Behind The NationWith a significant decrease in homicides from 2012 to 2013, it's hard to continue calling Chicago the Murder Capital of America.
Unemployment Down Across Illinois -- AgainFor a third straight month, the unemployment rate dropped in Chicago and every other metropolitan area across Illinois in November compared with a year ago.

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