Federal Judge OK's Residency Plan For Mel Reynolds During Legal ProceedingsAs he faces tax charges, the former congressman has no home and had to scramble to find housing that met restrictions on him because of a 1995 statutory-rape conviction.
Obama Hints He May Not Return To ChicagoThe South Side resident suggests the location of his post-presidency home will be driven by what's best for his family. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.
Report: Emanuel's Tenant Says He'd Like To StayThe last word has not been heard about Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s residency issue.
Daley Defends City Worker Residency RuleWithout a residency requirement for city employees, Chicago would kiss its middle-class goodbye, Mayor Richard M. Daley warned Monday, arguing that other major cities lived to regret it.
Can Emanuel Residency Ruling Apply To Police, Firefighters?The heads of the Chicago police and firefighter unions are commenting today on yesterday’s residency ruling for mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel.
Consultant: Emanuel Has Become Sympathetic FigureThe back-and-forth over Emanuel residency has achieved an unexpected result.
Chicagoans Sound Off On Emanuel RulingRahm Emanuel’s residency issue has been decided once and for all, and Chicagoans are sounding off on the issue.
High Court: Emanuel Will Be On BallotThe Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that Rahm Emanuel remain on the mayoral ballot.
Emanuel Case Likely Won't Reach U.S. Supreme CourtCould the case of Rahm Emanuel’s residency go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court?
Rivals Criticize Chico Over City Worker ResidencyChicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico is being criticized by his rivals for suggesting the city could do without residency requirements for municipal employees.
It's Down To The Wire For EmanuelRahm Emanuel is back on the ballot for now, but the Illinois Supreme Court must decide whether he will stay there.
Chico Says He Might End City Worker Residency RuleMayoral candidate Gery Chico said Tuesday he’s open to getting rid of the rule that requires city employees to live in the city.

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