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Best Fall Foliage In The USA

There are many areas in the country where you can enjoy the view of dense forests as they transform for the fall season.


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Summer Road Trip Checklist When Traveling With Kids

Packing essentials for a family-friendly road trip that won’t leave you wishing you’d never left home.


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Best Road Trip Song Contest Wrapping Up At Daily Herald

We all have our favorite road trip song, and The Daily Herald is trying to find the best of all time through a reader poll.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2011

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5 Of The Best Road Trips Around Chicago

You want to load up the car, hit the highway and explore new frontiers. You get away from it all, but not too far away. But you don’t want to go without a plan, and end up like Clark Griswold in “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” So why not try out one of these Chicago road trip ideas?

CBS Chicago–09/24/2010