Rock's Rant: Sharp's Injury Is Death Nail On Blackhawks' SeasonWhat a rough season it has been for the Chicago Blackhawks. This is surely not the way the Madhouse on Madison wanted to celebrate the organizations first Stanley Cup title in half of a century.
Rock's Rant: Bears' Phillips Says Kiss My GrassTed Phillips is all about his grass. In an exclusive one on one with the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Pompei (a regular guest on The Mully And Hanley Show on WSCR), Bears President Ted Phillips had a lot to say about a wide range of topics.
Rock's Rant: NCAA Tourney Best Example Why Players Should Be PaidFor the next two and a half weeks we all become college basketball fans. Even if you did not watch a single minute of the regular season or know who is broadcasting the tournament itself, we all fill out a bracket.
Rock's Rant: Stop Talking, Start Compromising On NFL Lockout IssuesOut of greed once again comes stupidity! I understand that with money comes more responsibility…but why cannot NFL players and the owners be more responsible when it comes to this NFL lockout.
Rock's Rant: March Madness Could Be So Much Better If...Don’t feel are not alone. March Madness has become as American as the Air Jordans (made in China).
Rock's Rant: Obama Should Postpone Blackhawks Bash Out Of RespectThe Blackhawks are getting ready to party at the President's place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at 2pm today! However with today’s events in Japan where a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook the island country causing horrific destruction.
Rock's Rant: Too Early To Believe In PeavyForgive me for being pessimistic, but I am finding it hard to be optimistic about White Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy. While the first two spring outings have gone well for the ace who dawns the #44, how can we really know if he is indeed ready to go on opening day?
Rock's Rant: Bulls Not Ready To Win It All...YetWhile yesterday was a statement win for the Chicago Bulls, reality needs to set in and sometime soon.
Rock's Rant: Chicago Bears Extend Lovie Smith's Contract...Has Yet To Earn ItIt was announced, fans expected it, and now finally it has happened. No, not the sequel to absolutely hilarious motion picture “The Hangover.”
Rock's Rant: WWE Legend Brings Life Back To The Sport...For NowIt is good to feel like a child again...When I was a kid, growing up I knew three things and three things only. My love of the sport of baseball, my passion for music, and watching WWF (at the time) Wrestling with my dad.
Rock's Rant: Aikman Ratings Prove Bears 4-1 Record Is Extremely Confusing
The MLB Draft Was On Last Night…REALLY!!

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