Emma: 5 All-Star Break Metrics For Chicago BaseballWe take a look at a first half of Chicago baseball with five key statistical points.
Baffoe: It's Pointless To Be Deaf To Loud AnalyticsSports analytic supporters aren't sapping fun from our games. They're bringing more passion.
Lindholm: Welcome Back, Steve Stone -- Now Let's Talk SabermetricsNowadays, there are three common reactions to the use of advanced statistics.
Angi: Breaking Down Bill James' White Sox ProjectionsThese projections aren’t perfect, but they are illustrative and worth discussing
Baffoe: Writer Who Thinks Math Is Bad For Baseball Is Not Your FriendThis is not difficult to understand. Nobody is taking away your precious baseball and replacing it with nine calculators. Teams are improving their chances of winning. Math doesn’t hit, throw, or catch the ball and never will.-
Listen: Hawk Harrelson Calls Boers & Bernstein 'Gutless Wonders'White Sox TV broadcaster Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson was on another one of his famous rants Sunday.
Kasper: Strikeouts Are 'Not As Bad As People Think'As sabermetrics continue to become more and more commonplace, we're beginning to have a different view of the statistics that were once thought to be important when evaluating baseball players. One of these stats is strikeouts.
PECOTA Projections Put White Sox In Third Baseball Prospectus has shown a new way to look at players and teams and a new way to predict their performance for the upcoming season. For the Chicago White Sox it's 82 wins and third place in the AL Central.
Is Dunn The Best Hitter In Chicago?Adam Dunn was one of the biggest free agents on the market over the offseason. The expectation is for him to come in and immediately improve the Chicago White Sox offense.

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