Sammy Sosa

Levine: Epstein Lauds Ramirez, Doesn't Close Door On SosaWith Manny Ramirez in the fold, could the Cubs embrace Sammy Sosa again?
Levine: Zambrano Is His Old Self In Wrigley AppearanceCarlos Zambrano still loves Chicago and cracking jokes.
Levine: Baez's 1st Wrigley Blast Ignites Cubs"He is a young man that is trying to show everybody he belongs here," Cubs manager Rickey Renteria says.
Frank Thomas: Onus On Sosa To Reach Out To CubsThomas also called current White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu "must-watch TV."
Baffoe: Hopefully, Crimes In The All-Star Game Are Selig's PunishmentWhat's Bud Selig's legacy? An idiotic home-field advantage rule and PEDs.
Lyons: An All-Star Game Solution That Still 'Counts'It's time to do away with the home-field advantage reward, so here's an idea.
Wisch: Stained By PEDs, Sosa Needs To Come CleanThe frosty relationship will continue until Sammy Sosa tells the truth.
Sosa On Missing Wrigley Celebration: 'Something Has To Be Resolved'Sammy Sosa's early departure in 2004 finale and link to PEDs has contributed to a frosty relationship.
Levine: Cubs' Celebration Seems Incomplete Without IconsThe 100-year celebration of Wrigley won't include Sosa, Zambrano, Maddux or Sandberg.
Bernstein: Really, Milwaukee?Let's not forget that Ryan Braun tried to ruin an innocent man's reputation.
Levine: Maddux And Sandberg Say No To Cub Invitation; No Invite For SosaThe Chicago Cubs invited both Hall of fame pitcher Greg Maddux and infielder Ryne Sandberg to the Cub Convention this weekend.
Baffoe: How Not To Make A Baseball Hall Of Fame Voting ArgumentHere is what so many voters like Simmons fail to understand. The Hall of Fame is a museum, and voters are being asked to choose what players get highlighted in that museum. Museums are supposed to represent—accurately—history.