Baffoe: 'Moving Forward' On Sammy Sosa Issue Isn't So Much About SosaThe Cubs have never seemed to acknowledge that Sosa’s time with the team produced far more positives than perceived slights since.
Tom Ricketts Still Not Ready To Welcome Sammy Sosa Back With Cubs: 'Put Everything On The Table'Ricketts pointed to Sosa's place as a controversial figure in baseball's steroid era as the reason why he hasn't been welcomed back.
The Bernstein Brief: Bad Timing For Sammy SosaAt a time of year in which we have nothing to talk about, Sosa has turned ... pink.
Bernstein: Sammy Sosa Story Illustrates How Far Cubs Have ComeThe Cubs have reacted to Sosa's recent comments by choosing to ignore him, as they should.
Report: Cubs Won't Entertain Reunion With Sammy SosaHigh-ranking Cubs officials were apparently upset by Sosa's recent comments to a blogger.
Sammy Sosa Expresses 'Regret' For Ugly Exit From Cubs, Adds 'They Know Where They Can Find Me' For ReunionSosa has had a non-existent relationship with the organization since the unceremonious ending to his 2004 season.
Baffoe: Bud Selig's Hall Of Fame Election Highlights A Double StandardYou can’t reward the kingpin and in good faith shut out the dutiful players who did the legwork of hitting all those dingers in the steroid era.
Tom Ricketts On Sammy Sosa, Players Of PED Era: 'Owe Us A Little Honesty'Sosa has had a non-existent relationship with the Cubs since his exit after the 2004 season.
Levine: Will Sammy Sosa's Hall Of Fame Candidacy Be Affected By Relaxed Stance On PED Era?Enshrinement for catching great Mike Piazza, suspected of PED use, could change the game for others.
Baffoe: Cubs Are Missing Their Greatest GoatFeeling good feels better than carry spite. It's time Sammy Sosa and the Cubs bury the hatchet.
Levine: Epstein Lauds Ramirez, Doesn't Close Door On SosaWith Manny Ramirez in the fold, could the Cubs embrace Sammy Sosa again?
Levine: Zambrano Is His Old Self In Wrigley AppearanceCarlos Zambrano still loves Chicago and cracking jokes.

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