Muller: Conference Titles Should Determine Playoff TeamsI have said it once and I will say it again: If a team doesn’t win their conference championship, they SHOULD NOT be allowed to play for the national championship. I don’t care if Alabama did beat LSU in last seasons’ BCS National Championship game, I still don’t believe that they deserved to be there in the first place.
Muller: Once The Bulls Are Eliminated, What’s Next? Cubs Baseball?Prior to the start of the NBA Playoffs, I thought--and quite confidently too, I might add—that I had until the Eastern Conference Finals (at the very least) before I even had to consider the possibility of the Bulls being eliminated from the playoffs.
Muller: Vilifying Bo Ryan Was Just Plain WrongAfter seeing—and hearing—University of Wisconsin men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan being tarred and feathered while being dragged through town square on his way to the gallows for the way he “mishandled” the Jared Uthoff transfer request last week by members of the media, all I could do was sit back and shake my head in disgust.
Muller: Should NBA Olympians Be Paid? Dwyane Wade Seems To Think SoI never thought I would say this, but maybe Mr. Wade and Mr. Allen should listen to LeBron James to see what it means to be a member of Team USA.
Muller: Winning Shouldn’t Save Bobby Petrino’s JobDoes no one care that the man is an adulterer, a liar, and a cheat? Shouldn’t support be going out to Petrino’s wife and kids? Shouldn’t people be relieved that Ms. Dorrell wasn’t seriously injured in the crash instead of treating her like she is the problem?
Muller: Don’t Let Poor Start Spoil Entire Season Cubs FansIs this new found “calmness” a result of Cubs fans all of a sudden finding a moment of Zen and a new grasp on reality?
Muller: Gregg Williams Should Be Banned From The NFL​Former New Orleans Saints--and current St. Louis Rams--defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a punk
Muller: It’s Time For One-And-Done Rule To Go AwayThere was a time--not too long ago--that my favorite sporting event to watch every year was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.
Muller: Dwight Howard Trade Saga Has Been A JokeUnfortunately for the Magic, the only person seemingly in charge down in “the happiest place on Earth” is Dwight Howard
Muller: A 'Thank You' Letter To The Men Of 790 The Ticket In MiamiI would personally like to take the time to thank you two idiots for your idiotic statements regarding reigning NBA MVP-- and Chicago’s favorite son -- Derrick Rose.
Muller: Conference Tournaments Should Not Determine Auto BidsIf conference tournaments are all that matter for mid-major schools, why even bother playing a regular season?
Muller: Illini Players Need To Be Held AccountableWhile he may likely lose his job after this season, Weber is not the only problem at Assembly Hall.

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