Known for now as chick #23, the Shedd's newest Rockhopper Penguin hatched June 9. (Shedd Aquarium)

Shedd Unveils Baby Penguin

What’s fuzzy, gray and weighs about as much as an orange? That would be chick No. 23, a newly hatched rockhopper penguin and the newest addition to the Shedd Aquarium.


Shedd Aquarium

See What’s New At The Shedd

As one of Chicago’s top cultural attractions, the Shedd sees daily visitors from Chicago and all over the world. Whether you were there 5 years ago or 5 months ago, there’s always something new to see and explore.


(credit: John G. Shedd Aquarium)

2012 Guide To The Shedd Aquarium

Be one of the two million guests this year that visits the Shedd Aquarium, a national historic landmark. The aquarium, situated on the beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront, houses more than 32,500 animals. Spend a day learning about all sorts of animals that live in locations ranging from the Pacific Northwest to a Philippine coral reef.