An Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow sits idle in a state garage ahead of the winter season. (Credit: CBS)

Officials: State Road Crews Ready For Winter Weather

David James, a private meteorologist who provides forecasts for IDOT, said he doesn’t expect this winter’s snowfall to be as bad as last winter.


Metra commuter train makes it way along the tracks. (Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Rail Officials Warn Drivers To Use Extra Caution In Winter

Union Pacific said drivers need to be even more careful when road conditions are snowy and slick, because it takes a 100-car train going 60 miles an hour up to a mile and a half to come to a complete stop, so by the time a train engineer spots your car on the tracks with the train bearing down, it’s too late.


(Credit: AP)

Snow Flurries Could Fall In Far Northern Suburbs

Don’t kill the messenger. Winter is more than two months away, but some parts of northern Illinois could get their first taste of snow Friday night.


(Credit: Meadows Christian Fellowhip)

Suburban Church To Churn Out Real Snow For ‘Frozen’ Under The Stars

If you spot snow in the northwest suburbs tonight, don’t worry, it’s not an untimely return of the Polar Vortex, it’s just a special viewing party for the Disney movie “Frozen.”


Snow Shoveling

Snow Tonight, Yes, Snow Tonight In Chicago Area

Here is the latest guidance from the National Weather Service: It will snow tonight.



Storm, ‘Rain-Snow Mix’ Headed Toward Chicago

A storm system moving in Sunday afternoon could bring at least 12 hours of steady rainfall and a rain-snow mix to the Chicago area.


Road Salt

Cook County Loaned Out More Than 1,400 Tons Of Salt During Brutal Winter

The county loaned out 1,339 tons, about 2.8 percent of its salt supply this winter, according to Frank Shuftan, spokesman for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.


Late Season Midwest Winter Storm Brings Snow To Chicago

#TOB2014 Vote: Snow vs. Thomas The Tank Engine

Vote for which is worse.

CBS Chicago–03/17/2014

(File Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Wet, Blowing Snow Covers Some Traffic Signals

Energy-efficient traffic lights have been creating hazards at some intersections, because blowing snow was able to cover up the signals, and prevent drivers from seeing whether it’s their turn to go.


Diane Wyman's back yard in Elmhurst after a winter storm Tuesday into Wednesday. (Credit: Diane Wyman)

2014 Chicago Winter Now 10 Inches Short Of All-Time Snow Record

After Wednesday morning’s snow, Chicago is now 10 inches shy of the all-time record for snowfall in a single season.


Courtney Franko sent this photo of a snow-encrusted CTA bus stop on her morning commute. (Credit: Courtney Franko)

Snow Totals – March 12, 2014

This winter officially became the 3rd snowiest on record for Chicago on Wednesday, when 3.6 inches fell at O’Hare International Airport, bringing the season’s total to 79.1 inches.


A City of Chicago snow plow clears streets early Wednesday, as a late winter storm dumps more than 5 inches of snow in parts of the city. (Credit: CBS)

Late Winter Storm Makes This 3rd Snowiest Winter Ever For Chicago

This winter moved up another notch on the list of snowiest winters in Chicago overnight, when more than 3 inches fell at O’Hare International Airport, making the total snowfall this winter the third most on record.


A pile of road salt that public works crews in northwest suburban McHenry will use on roads during the year's first snowstorm on Dec. 20, 2012. (Credit: CBS)

More Snow To Stretch Already Thin Salt Supplies

The forecasted snow is the last thing towns with busted budgets need. The long winter is forcing towns and villages to stretch their salt supplies.


Felix Santos clears snow from a sidewalk in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on January 21, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Heavy Snow Expected Tonight; Season Could Become 2nd Snowiest Ever

Old Man Winter isn’t quite done with Chicago yet. More than half a foot of snow could fall in the city Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.


(Credit: CBS)

New Snowfall Could Make This Winter 3rd Snowiest Ever

Flurries began falling early Wednesday, making streets slick, and covering sidewalks with a light dusting of snow for the morning commute.


Snow covers cars on a Chicago neighborhood street. (Credit: Chris Martinez)

Winter Season Now Fourth Snowiest On Record

The city deployed 200 snowplows to main streets Saturday afternoon as the snow that made the 2013-2014 winter season the fourth-snowiest on record for Chicago continued to fall. Up to 6 more inches are expected to fall across the area by Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service.


This Jan. 30, 1967 photo shows abandoned autos littering South Lake Shore Drive near 18th Street. (Credit: Chicago Sun-Times)

Chiberia 2014: Making The Case For Worst. Winter. Ever

With the end of what experts call “meteorological winter,” this relentless, unforgiving season will be one of those that will remain in our collective memories for a long, long time.


Snow covers cars on a Chicago neighborhood street. (Credit: Chris Martinez)

More Snow Forecast For Chicago This Weekend

While the temperatures have moderated somewhat, it comes with a price: More snow is expected this weekend.


(Credit: CBS)

Slightly Better Temperatures On The Way, But So Is Snow

We know, we know, you’ve heard this before. Temperatures will get a bit better this weekend, but as has become a seemingly constant refrain this winter, we’ll also see a fresh round of snow.


A red admiral butterfly sits on a blossom and collects nectar. (Photo credit: PETER FOERSTER/AFP/GettyImages)

All The Snow This Winter Could Mean A Boon Of Butterflies In Spring

This winter might have been tough on Chicagoans who had to shovel all that snow, but it’s shaping up as good news for the butterfly population.