U.S. Cellular Field

Guillen’s Youngest Son Prepares For Major Leagues

Oney Guillen with his caustic tweets may be the best known son of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, but Oney’s younger brother Ozney is in the headlines now as he seeks to make his way into the Major Leagues.

CBS Chicago–06/07/2011

credit: AP

Father’s Day Firsts

Father’s Day is a time for dads to be celebrated and to reflect on life as a father. One dad takes us down memory lane and recalls his firsts with his father and how history is repeating itself with his own daughter.


Walter Jacobson

Walter’s Perspective: Leave The Schwarzenneger Kid Alone

Enough is enough, says CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson. The media should stop bothering the child Arnold Schwarzenneger had with a household employee.



Bullet Flies Through Man’s House As He Gives Son Shower

A Joliet man was giving his young son a shower late last week, when a bullet went flying through two walls and ended up lodged in his bathroom wall.

CBS Chicago–05/09/2011

Scales Of Justice

Father Accused Of Killing Son Sues Police

A man accused of murdering his son in 2009 filed a federal lawsuit after a judge twice refused to throw out a videotaped confession.


Dr. Promila Mehta-Paul (Credit: CBS)

Police: Missing Doctor’s Son Has Criminal Record

Police in Northwest Indiana say the more time that goes by, the more likely it is that foul play may have been involved in the disappearance of a 70-year-old eye doctor.

CBS Chicago–04/07/2011

Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson Angry Over Son’s Firing

Murder suspect Drew Peterson is speaking out, sort of, about the firing of his oldest son from the Oak Brook Police Department.

CBS Chicago–02/25/2011

Marcus Jordan

Marcus Jordan Making Mark At UCF

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, is now making his own mark as a shooting guard for the University of Central Florida.

CBS Chicago–02/15/2011