Speed Cameras

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

City Bars Red Light Camera Firm From Bidding On Speed Cameras

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday that his move to block a new contract for the operator of Chicago’s red light camera program shows the city has “zero tolerance” for ethical violations.

WBBM Newsradio–10/17/2012

Speed Cameras

Report: State Regulation May Interfere With Speed Camera Plan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel might have to slow down his plan to install speed cameras in school zones.

CBS Chicago–09/11/2012

Speed Cameras

Poll: Speed Cameras Aren’t Too Popular With Chicagoans

Chicago’s program to use cameras to catch speeders near schools and parks is not generating widespread support, according to a just-released poll.

CBS Chicago–05/25/2012

Speed Cameras

NATO Summit Protester Turns Ire At Speed Cameras

If you followed the street protests of the past several days, you probably noticed there were a lot of axes to grind.

CBS Chicago–05/22/2012

Speed Cameras

City Council Approves Speed Camera Plan

Leadfoots look out, speed cameras are coming to Chicago this summer.

CBS Chicago–04/18/2012

Humboldt Park Speeding

Active Transportation Alliance: Speeders In Park Prove Need For Cameras

A group that advocates for bicyclists and pedestrians is offering evidence that it says bolsters Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s case for speed cameras in Chicago school zones.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

City Council To Debate Speed Camera Plan This Week

The Chicago City Council is expected to vote this week on the mayor’s controversial plan to use cameras to catch speeders near schools and parks.

CBS Chicago–04/16/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

City Council Panel OKs Revised Speed Camera Plan

For the second time in as many days, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has softened his stance on a controversial issue.

CBS Chicago–04/11/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Emanuel Drastically Scales Back Speed Camera Plan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel drastically scaled back his plan for installing speed cameras on Chicago streets as he presented it to the City Council Wednesday.

CBS Chicago–03/14/2012

Walter Jacobson

Walter’s Perspective: Where’s The Transparency On Speed Cameras?

The school zone speed cameras that Chicago is talking about are not in yet, but a picture of Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in, and it looks like old-style insider Chicago politics.

CBS 2–03/13/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Emanuel: Ally Not Guaranteed Piece Of Speed Camera Deal

Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted Tuesday that one of his big supporters is not a shoo-in to make money from the speed camera enforcement program he’s planning, and will have to bid for the contract like any other company that wants it.

CBS Chicago–03/13/2012

Red Light Cameras

Alderman: Mayor May Be Looking To Install 1,800 Speed Cameras Across City

City Hall has said it would activate fewer than 100 speed cameras around schools and parks to keep environments safe for kids. But one alderman fears that number could be larger — a lot larger.


Red Light Cameras

Alderman Questions Plan To Use Cameras To Catch Speeders

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to use cameras to catch speeders near schools and parks might have run into a minor roadblock.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2012

Red Light Cameras

Expert: Speed Cameras Won’t Make Anything Safer

A motoring gadfly is challenging arguments that a blanket of speed enforcement cameras will improve safety for Chicago schoolchildren.

CBS Chicago–02/08/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Quinn Approves City’s Plan To Bust Speeders With Cameras

Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation allowing the City of Chicago to use cameras to catch speeders near schools and parks.

CBS Chicago–02/06/2012

Walter Jacobson

Walter’s Perspective: Emanuel Is Right To Push For Speed Cameras Near Schools

CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson has praise for Mayor Emanuel in his relentless pursuit of speed cameras in school zones, a plan that Gov. Quinn has resisted.


A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Quinn Putting ‘Finishing Touches’ On Speed Camera Legislation

A day after Mayor Rahm Emanuel urged him to sign legislation allowing cameras to catch speeders near Chicago schools, Gov. Pat Quinn said he would act soon, but hinted he might have some changes in mind.

CBS Chicago–01/31/2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel To Quinn: Sign Bill To Allow Speed Cameras Near Schools

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is urging Gov. Pat Quinn to sign legislation that would allow the city to use cameras to catch speeders near city schools and parks.

CBS Chicago–01/30/2012

Illinois State Capitol

Emanuel Gets Split Decision On Springfield Agenda

It was a “split decision” in the state capitol for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during the General Assembly’s veto session.

CBS 2–11/10/2011

Illinois State Capitol

Emanuel’s Legislative Agenda Not A Sure Thing In Springfield

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is learning a lesson in power politics from the Illinois General Assembly – that he cannot always get what he wants. Not everything, anyway.

CBS Chicago–11/09/2011