State Line

Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian. (CBS)

Former ‘Honey Bee Killer’ Suspect Getting Hate Mail

Attorneys for a suburban police officer falsely accused in a deadly two-state shooting spree say he has been receiving hate mail since he was cleared.

CBS Chicago–12/09/2010

Beecher Suspect New Sketch

Trail Cold In Hunt For State Line Spree Killer?

Has the trail gone cold, in the search for the suspect who went on a fatal two-state shooting spree?

CBS Chicago–10/28/2010

Brian Dorian

Lynwood Cop Advised To Sue Over Mistaken Arrest

Brian Dorian’s boss had some advice for the Lynwood cop charged with gunning down three men in a two-state shooting spree: Sue Will County.


Brian Dorian

How Can An Eyewitness Be So Wrong?

“Eyewitnesses are overrated as evidence of a person’s guilt.”

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Charges Dropped Against Lynwood Cop Brian Dorian

Prosecutors have dropped murder charges against Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian, who had been arrested last week as the suspect in a bi-state shooting spree.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Lynwood Cop Charged In Two-State Shooting Spree

A Lynwood police officer is being held on $2.5 million bond in a two-state shooting spree, which left a man dead and two others wounded in Illinois and Indiana.