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Chicago River

State To Pump $10 Million Into Fund To Clean Up Chicago River

The State of Illinois plans to add $10 million to a $21 million fund to disinfect sewage flowing into the Chicago River, as Chicago joins other major cities in making the most of a natural asset.

CBS Chicago–04/13/2012

Empty Classroom

Big Raises Mean Big Pension Penalties At Suburban Schools

Suburban school districts are pushing back hard against a 2005 state law that was meant to rein in Illinois’ skyrocketing pension costs.

CBS Chicago–04/13/2012

Judy Baar Topinka (Photo From Judy Baar Topinka Website)

Topinka: New Web Portal Allows The Public To Monitor State’s Finances

Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka has launched a new Web site that allows the public, government watchdogs, and the media to follow the state’s finances more easily.

CBS Chicago–04/03/2012

A Chicago traffic scene. (CBS)

Report: State Spent $121 Million On Employee Cars In 1 Year

As the state struggles to pay its bills, it spent $121 million on government-issued cars for employees in 2010.

CBS Chicago–03/26/2012

Money (CBS)

State College Aid Program Runs Out Much Earlier Than Usual

As many as 140,000 college students could be denied financial aid, as a state-operated source of funds has gone dry much earlier than usual.

CBS Chicago–03/21/2012

Illinois State Capitol

Enterprise Zones For Depressed Areas Set To Start Expiring

What has been called one of the greatest economic tools available in Illinois will disappear unless lawmakers take action.

WBBM Newsradio–03/21/2012

Cook County Seal

State: Cook County Owes More Than $500,000 To Canine Officers

The Illinois Department of Labor claims Cook County owes its canine officers more than $500,000 worth of back pay.

CBS Chicago–03/13/2012

Air Raid Siren

Illinois Holds Statewide Tornado Drill

Less than a week after a tornado killed six people in downstate Harrisburg, the State of Illinois is holding a drill in every county Tuesday morning.

CBS Chicago–03/06/2012

Illinois Senate Chambers

Some Lawmakers Join State Workers Demanding Raises

Thousands of state workers are still fighting for the pay raises the governor canceled this summer, and some lawmakers are now joining the fight.

CBS Chicago–02/17/2012

File Photo Of A Handgun (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Gun Rights Group Takes Fight For Concealed Carry To Higher Court

A gun rights group is appealing after a downstate federal judge ruled against allowing Illinois to carry concealed weapons.

CBS Chicago–02/07/2012

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees' logo

Public Employee Union: Where’s Our Pay Raise?

Big corporations got tax breaks last year, and the state’s largest public employee union is still asking, what about us?

WBBM Newsradio–02/03/2012

Car dealership (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Lawmaker: State Has 3,000 Cars That Are Barely Used

A state lawmaker says Illinois is wasting a lot of money on cars that aren’t needed.

CBS Chicago–01/24/2012

Andy Shaw

BGA Calls For Abolition Of Legislative Scholarship Program

The Better Government Association doesn’t trust lawmakers to reform the state’s legislative scholarship program, so it is calling for the abolition of the program.

CBS Chicago–01/18/2012

Gov. Pat Quinn (Credit: CBS)

Union: Quinn Is Striking Backroom Deals To Close Mental Health Centers

Leaders at the state’s largest public employee union are taking issue with what they believe are backroom deals being struck by Gov. Pat Quinn to close state mental health centers.

WBBM Newsradio–01/17/2012

Illinois State Capitol

State Lawmakers Renew Call To End Legislative Scholarship Program

With the start of a new calendar year comes a familiar call from dozens of state lawmakers – abolish the legislative scholarship program.

CBS Chicago–01/10/2012

State Senate President John Cullerton

Cullerton Calls For Debt Restructuring For State’s Unpaid Bills

State revenues have increased this fiscal year, but there are still billions of dollars in backlogged bills to contend with.

WBBM Newsradio–01/06/2012

Gov. Pat Quinn (Credit: CBS)

Gambling, Economic Issues Remain Unresolved As New Year Approaches

A new year doesn’t mean the end to old problems for the State of Illinois.

WBBM Newsradio–12/28/2011

Money (CBS)

Report Claims Illinois Has Lost $26 Billion In Taxable Income Since 1995

A conservative think tank says the population exodus from Illinois to other states since the mid-1990s has cost the state $26 billion in taxable income.

CBS Chicago–12/21/2011

Kraft Products

Report: Kraft Foods Seeks Incentives From State

Northfield-based Kraft Foods reportedly the latest company looking for a incentives from the State of Illinois.

CBS Chicago–11/11/2011


State Of Illinois To Begin Using Car-Sharing Service For Employees

The state of Illinois maintains thousands of cars in its fleet but, but now it is trying a cheaper and greener alternative.

CBS Chicago–10/26/2011