Twitter Responds To Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti's Press ConferenceHere are the top 15 top reactions from the sports world, sports fans and hardcore critics to Steve Bisiotti's press conference.
Owner: 'No Misinformation' By Ravens On Rice"Their accusations didn't jibe with what we know is fact," Steve Bisciotti says of an ESPN report.
Ray Lewis On Ray Rice Situation: ‘Some Things You Can Cover Up … Some Things You Can’t’It was an odd "Sunday NFL Countdown" segment from Ray Lewis.
Janay Palmer Defends Ray Rice; Longer Video Shows Spitting, Obscenities“If your intentions were to ... take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels,” Janay Palmer wrote.
Bernstein: Ravens Excuse Rice's Violence One NFL team cuts a player for merely keeping unsavory company, while another goes out of its way to make excuses for a guy who knocked his fiancée out cold in an elevator.
Dorfman: Bears, Ravens Should Trade Away From This SillinessEvery so often all sides can claim to be right on an issue and there is evidence to support each claim. Then we have situations where everyone goes out of their way to look ridiculous.
Bernstein: Bears' Error Could Raise Carimi's CostAs Bears as Bears can be, they take a perfectly satisfying story and complicate it by screwing something up.

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