Massive Electromagnet Completes Arduous Trip To FermilabWithout twisting even an eighth of an inch, a 50-foot-wide electromagnet resembling a flying saucer finished an arduous 3,200-mile trip across land and sea on Friday, arriving at an Illinois laboratory where it will be used to study blazing-fast particles.
Giant Electromagnet's 3,200-Mile Trek To Fermilab Nearly FinishedKnown as the Muon G-2 Storage Ring, the electromagnet will be used to study muons, subatomic particles with a lifetime of only 2.2 millionths of a second, in hopes of discovering new subatomic particles.
Physicists Say They're Close To Finding So-Called 'God Particle'American physicists say they're close to their goal of finding the Higgs boson – known colloquially as the “God particle” – but they’re not there quite yet.

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