Superhero Football Team

The Captain America Shield and Brian Urlacher. (Getty Images)

Holmes: Superhero Football Team, Part IV

The final installment of Laurence Holmes’ Superhero Football Team: Team Marvel’s defense.

670 The Score–09/15/2011

Spider-Man and Michael Vick. (Left photo by Peter Tangen/Columbia Pictures via Getty Images, Right photo by Jeff Curry)

Holmes: Superhero Football Team, Part III

In this imaginary world, I wanted to try to resemble how an NFL team would pick starters. You may agree, you may not. Either way, have a little fun and tweak my list or create your own.

CBS Chicago–09/14/2011

The Green Lantern made Laurence Holmes' Superhero Football Team, inpired by Kevin Mawae. (Getty Images)

Holmes: Superhero Football Team, Part II

In Part II of his Superhero Football Team series, Laurence Holmes takes a look at Team DC’s offense.

670 The Score–09/08/2011

Bill Belichick and Batman. (Getty Images)

Holmes: Superhero Football Team, Part I

I’ve taken my love for football and my love for comics and tried to combine them. In putting together the team, I tried to make it to scale with the bigger players closest to the ball.

670 The Score–09/07/2011