Survive This Economy

Marcus and Sinora Wright sit down with psychologist and life coach, Dr. Amy Johnson, to talk about their family finances. (Credit: CBS)

Wright Family’s Yearlong Financial Diet Saved Them Nearly $8,500

It’s hard to believe, but it was one year ago this week when CBS 2 introduced you to the Wright family, a suburban couple with four kids, trying to “Survive This Economy” by saving some serious money.

CBS 2–11/13/2012

Many retailers -- like Target, Best Buy and Amazon -- are offering price matching on some electronics for the holiday shopping season, but as always, shoppers need to look at the fine print to get the best deals. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Sorting Through Price Match Offers On Holiday Shopping

Some of the biggest stores have started offering shoppers something new this holiday season to help them “Survive This Economy.” Many major retailers have offered price matching, including for online competitors.

CBS 2–10/23/2012

Some stores, like Kmart, Toys R Us, Sears, and Wal-Mart, offer free layaway for Christmas shoppers in October. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Take Advantage Of Early Christmas Shopping Deals

One of the hottest holiday promotions this year is already in full swing. Major retailers are slashing layaway fees, in order to reel in early Christmas shoppers.

CBS 2–10/16/2012

Marcus and Sinora Wright (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Saving For Your Kids’ College Tuition

Trying to “Survive This Economy” and pay for your kids’ college education has become tougher than ever in recent years.


The Wright family has saved thousands of dollars over the past several months. (CBS)

For One Family, Small Saving Steps Add Up To Serious Money

When it comes to saving money, baby steps can add up to big payoffs.

CBS 2–10/02/2012

Pile of cash (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Be A Financial Role Model For Your Kids

Your kids are watching — that’s the reminder for parents from a financial expert who said, when it comes to money, and surviving this economy, you’re a role model for your kids, even if you don’t realize it.

CBS 2–09/25/2012

File Photo Of Foreclosure Sign (AP Photo)

Survive This Economy: Refinancing Your Home Loan

A recent survey reveals that nearly a third of Chicago area homeowners are still underwater – meaning they owe more money on their mortgage than their home is worth. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, even if you don’t have equity in your home, there is help available if you want to refinance your home loan.

CBS 2–08/21/2012

(Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Dumping Cable Or Satellite TV

It’s hard to “Survive This Economy” when the cost of cable and satellite TV is so high.

CBS 2–08/16/2012

Sinora Wright and her daughters shop for back-to-school clothes at Once Upon A Child, a resale store in Naperville. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Shopping For Back-To-School Clothes

It’s the start of the back-to-school shopping season, and this year, more and more bargain hunters are heading to resale, consignment, and thrift stores.

CBS 2–08/07/2012

A Man Uses A Computer Mouse. (AP Photo)

Survive This Economy: Brushing Up Your Job Skills To Re-Enter The Workforce

A lot of stay-at-home moms who are trying to survive this economy are jumping back into the work force, but it can be a challenge. Just ask Sinora Wright. The suburban mother of four is working to increase her chances of being hired.

CBS 2–07/24/2012

The bathroom tiles in the Wright home need repairs, and Sinora wants her husband Marcus to make the repairs himself to save money. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs

One way husbands can make their wives adoring fans it to take care of the “Honey Do” list.

CBS 2–07/19/2012

Sinora Wright (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Shifting From Homemaker To Working Mom

To survive this economy, many stay-at-home moms are looking to rejoin the workforce, but for moms like Sinora Wright – who last held a full-time job seven years ago – jumping back into the job market can seem daunting.

CBS 2–07/10/2012

Montage Of Credit Cards. (AP Graphic)

Survive This Economy: Tackling Credit Card Debt

The Wright family is celebrating more than just the 4th of July today, they are celebrating their biggest payoff ever since CBS 2 started following their effort to “Survive This Economy” eight months ago.

CBS 2–07/04/2012

Marcus Wright is trying to lose 25 pounds to help reduce his cholesterol and blood pressure, and save money on his annual life insurance premium. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Your Life Insurance Premiums

It’s summertime and everyone wants to be in shape. You already know losing weight is good for your health, but CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports getting fit can also save you money on life insurance.

CBS 2–06/26/2012


Survive This Economy: Saving On Snacks At The Movies

Going to the movies can be a shock to your pocket especially if you’re a fan of popcorn.

CBS 2–06/19/2012

Homemade kettle corn (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Homemade Summer Snacks

It’s the last week of school for kids in Chicago, and you know what that means: parents will soon be hearing “what’s there to eat?” all day long. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports the cost of all those snacks can really add up, so getting creative in the kitchen with your kids can save you a lot of money.

CBS 2–06/12/2012


Survive This Economy: Save On Summer Movie Season

Summer means movie, but that can cost you a bundle, especially if you have kids like the Wrights, a suburban couple with four kids.

CBS 2–06/05/2012

Sinora Wright (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Many Stay-At-Home Moms Looking To Rejoin Workforce

Getting a job in this economy is tough enough, but imagine looking for a job after being out of the workforce for seven years. More than 5 million mothers opt to be stay-at-home moms, but many of them have begun looking to re-enter the workplace.

CBS 2–05/29/2012

Marcus Wright prepares to begin planting a garden outside his Bolingbrook home after buying plants at a garage sale to save money. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Gardening On A Budget

You want a great garden, but it’s tough if you’re on a budget. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker, with the help of experts, explains where gardeners can get high-quality plants at a very low cost.

CBS 2–05/15/2012

Homemade cleaning products made from ingredients like white vinegar, Borax, lemon juice and Castile soap can be just as effective as name-brand products from the store, at a fraction of the cost. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Using Homemade Cleaning Products

Four ingredients – that’s all you need to cut the cost of cleaning your home. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker says they are four things you probably already have, and one of them is free.

CBS Chicago–05/08/2012