Survive This Economy

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Survive This Economy: Save Money On Summer Vacation

It’s that time of year. We’re all dreaming about summer vacation. But those trips can really drain your wallet, especially when you’re taking your kids, like the Wrights are.

CBS 2–05/01/2012

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Survive This Economy: Cutting Your Water Bill

It’s something we all do: look for ways to cut our household bills.

CBS Chicago–04/24/2012

Gasoline pump. (Credit: Miguel Gutierrez/Getty Images)

Survive This Economy: Getting Better Gas Mileage

The Wright family gets some tips on getting better gas mileage. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

CBS 2–04/12/2012

Auto mechanic Rich Reichenberger (right) talks to Sinora Wright about brake repairs for her Ford Fusion. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Do Your Homework Before Getting Car Repairs

he price of gas isn’t the only worry for drivers. Unexpected repairs can really add up. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker explains how to find a good mechanic for the best price.

CBS 2–03/27/2012

Autumn Wright and her older sister Tierney are looking forward to spring break and their parents are looking for fun ways they can spend their free time without spending a lot of money. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Saving Money On Spring Break

The next three weeks kick off spring break for hundreds of thousands of students all over the Chicago area. So on Thursday, the Wright family, like many families in the area, is looking for something to do, without spending a lot of money.

CBS 2–03/22/2012

A leaking pipe for Marcus Wright's kitchen sink could force him to replace damaged insulation, drywall, tiles, and kitchen cabinets. Insurance will cover most of the costs, but he'll have to pay a $1,000 deductible. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Saving Now Can Pay Off When Unexpected Costs Hit Later

It’s tough being on a financial diet, but when the unexpected happens – as the Wright family just discovered – the pain in your wallet isn’t so bad, if you’ve been good.

CBS 2–03/13/2012

Marcus and Sinora Wright shop for Christmas presents for their four children. (Credit: Home Video)

Survive This Economy: Resolving Disputes Over Money

It’s one of the most common things couples fight about: money. Remember the Wrights? The suburban couple, with four kids, is on a financial diet; so they know how stressful it can be to save money, especially in this economy.

CBS 2–02/28/2012

Atmosphere at the celebration of Lancome video makeup artist and YouTube star Michelle Phan's first public appearance during Fashion's Night Out at Sephora Fifth Avenue on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images for Lancome)

Survive This Economy: Looking Good For Less

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes Sinora Wright shopping for makeup, in the latest installment of a series about a Chicago area family going on a financial diet.


Chef Kendra Peterson gives Sinora Wright some tips about planning ahead for family meals and cooking food for several meals at once so food is ready to heat up quickly on later days to save time and, ultimately, save money on groceries. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Plan Meals Ahead To Save Time, Money

With the cost of food going up, everyone is looking to save money in the kitchen. We’re not talking about clipping coupons, we’re talking simple solutions, something the Wright family is looking for.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2012

Marcus and Sinora Wright (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cut Your Car Insurance Costs

Owning a car is expensive, especially in this economy; but the Wrights – a suburban couple with four kids — found a way to save more than $1,000 on their auto insurance.

CBS 2–02/09/2012

Shopping expert Jill Cataldo offers tips on how to save money buying clothes for kids. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: How To Scour Clearance Racks

Bargain queen Jill Cataldo shows the Wright family how to really clean up at the clothing clearance racks, in the latest installment of Dorothy Tucker’s ongoing series.


Coupon guru Jill Cataldo offers some tips to CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Coupon Tips

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker introduced the Wright family to a “coupon queen” who shares her secrets that will increase their savings – and yours, too.


The Wright family has found ways to cut back on the money its spends on fast-food meals. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Slimming Down Fast-Food Expenses

In her continuing series, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on how members of the Wright family are finding ways to still eat out but save money.


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Survive This Economy: Start Saving Early For Holidays

A lot of people are still taking down their holiday decorations, but one suburban family is already thinking about next Christmas and a new way they can save money.

CBS 2–01/10/2012

Marcus Wright's New Year's resolution is to increase his personal contributions to his 401(k) plan. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Retirement Planning

The New Year is a good time to think about new ways you and your family can “Survive This Economy.” Marcus Wright has one very important New Year’s resolution. He’s increasing his contribution to this 401(k) plan.

CBS 2–01/03/2012

Marcus and Sinora Wright shop for Christmas presents for their four children. (Credit: Home Video)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Back On Holiday Spending

This might be the hardest time of the year to “Survive This Economy”. No one knows that better than families, like the Wrights, a suburban couple with four kids.

CBS 2–12/29/2011

Electric meter. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Down On Your Electric Bill

It’s hard in this high-tech world to survive this economy, with all sorts of gadgets using up lots of electricity in our homes. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker explains how you can save big on your electric bill.

CBS 2–12/20/2011

A Nicor Home Services technician cleans the Wright family's furnace to keep it running properly for the winter. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Checking Your Furnace

As the temperature drops outside, the cost of keeping warm inside goes up. Remember the Wrights? The suburban couple has four kids. Their furnace wasn’t working the way it was supposed to, so CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker helped them get in touch with an expert to see what he could do.

CBS 2–12/15/2011

Marcus and Sinora Wright sit down with psychologist and life coach, Dr. Amy Johnson, to talk about their family finances. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Back On Fast Food

It’s been one exactly month since a suburban family took a new approach to “Survive This Economy.” Sinora and Marcus Wright like the convenience of fast food. It’s been the biggest obstacle to keeping their family on a financial diet.

CBS 2–12/08/2011

Electric meter. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Your Monthly Energy Bill

It’s getting colder outside and you know what that means: more expensive utility bills, making it even harder for millions of people to “Survive This Economy.” But there are simple changes you can make around your home that can help you and families like the Wrights save money.

CBS 2–11/30/2011