synthetic marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Doctors Warn About “More Dangerous” Forms Of Synthetic Marijuana

Dr. Patrick Lank, an emergency room physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said synthetic cannabinoid – or Spice – is nothing new; but what is new is the different forms that are popping up.


An incense product that some young people are inhaling can have serious effects, officials warn. (CBS)

Kirk Asks China To Reduce Flow Of Synthetic Marijuana Into U.S.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is asking Chinese help to reduce the flow of synthetic marijuana into the United States, reports WBBM’s John Cody.


A man holds on to a prison bar inside of a jail cell. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Feds: Man Called Cops After Drugs Were Seized

Some criminals aren’t too smart. A Chicago-area man is under federal indictment after he allegedly imported synthetic marijuana — then reported it stolen to police.


Some of the synthetic marijuana seized Wednesday from 41 News, an adult book store in Wadsworth, by Lake County Sheriff's officers. ( Lake County Sheriff's office)

Six Lake County Stores Busted For Selling Synthetic Pot

The Lake County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit wrapped up the six-month investigation nicknamed Operation Log Jam by executing warrants or conducting bust buys at six stores, seizing drugs, weapons and cash, and arresting four people in the operation aimed at the sale of K-2, or synthetic marijuana.


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Man Admits Violent Attack On 2-Month-Old Daughter

A northwest Indiana man faces a maximum 40-year sentence after he admitted that he killed his 2-month-old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying when he wanted to smoke synthetic marijuana.


Synthetic Drugs

Police Raid Lombard Smoke Shop Selling Fake Pot, Bath Salts

Police raided a smoke shop near Lombard and arrested the owners this week, after they were found to be selling synthetic pot and bath salts.

CBS Chicago–01/13/2012

Scales Of Justice

More Than 200 New Laws Set To Take Effect

As the calendar clicks over to a new year on Sunday, more than 200 new laws are going into effect in Illinois.

CBS Chicago–12/29/2011

Synthetic Marijuana

Undercover Cop Goes After Synthetic Marijuana Vendors

An undercover detective in Will County talked with WBBM Newsradio about his efforts to enforce the war on synthetic marijuana.

CBS Chicago–12/15/2011

An incense product that some young people are inhaling can have serious effects, officials warn. (CBS)

City Ban On Synthetic Pot Starts Wednesday, Statewide Ban Starts Jan. 1

Starting Wednesday, it will be illegal to sell synthetic marijuana in Chicago. A statewide ban takes effect on Jan. 1, 2012.

CBS Chicago–12/13/2011

An incense product that some young people are inhaling can have serious effects, officials warn. (CBS)

Batavia Moving To Ban Sale Of Synthetic Marijuana

Two businesses in Batavia have been found selling synthetic marijuana — prompting police and aldermen in the western suburb to support a ban on the sale or delivery, possession or use of the substance.


Max Dobner, 19, died in June when the car he was driving flew into a house in Batavia Township. (CBS)

Mother Of Teen Who Died Sues Store That Sold ‘Potpourri’ Drug

A west suburban mother is going after the owner of a closed tobacco store, for selling her son a product the woman claims had synthetic marijuana in it.

CBS Chicago–11/02/2011