Tax Hike

Rod Blagojevich

Blagojevich Angry About Income Tax Hike

The state’s 66 percent income tax hike has irked a number of people, including former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

CBS Chicago–01/14/2011

Photo Of $20 And $10 Bills. (AP Photo)

More Local Businesses Slam State Tax Hike

Some local business owners say just as the economy was beginning to improve, now Illinois is making things tougher again with its new corporate tax hike.

CBS Chicago–01/13/2011

Judy Baar Topinka (Photo From Judy Baar Topinka Website)

Topinka: Why Didn’t State Lawmakers Make Cuts?

The state’s new comptroller is incredulous that Illinois lawmakers would impose a whopping increase on taxpayers without passing a single budget cut.

WBBM Newsradio–01/12/2011

Illinois State Senate

Illinois Lawmakers Approve 66% Tax Hike

By a single vote, Illinois lawmakers approved a 66 percent increase to the personal income tax, and soon, your paycheck will be shrinking.

CBS Chicago–01/12/2011

Illinois House Floor

Income Tax Hike Advances In Springfield

A plan to raise income taxes in Illinois has passed its first test in Springfield, winning support of a House committee, sending the measure to the full House for a vote.

CBS Chicago–01/11/2011

Illinois governor's office

Meetings Continue On Tax Hike Plan With No Result

It’s been another busy but markedly unproductive day in the Illinois General Assembly, which is aiming to raise our taxes but not there yet.


Illinois State Capitol

Quinn, Lawmakers Still Working On Tax Hike

Gov. Pat Quinn and legislative leaders in Springfield have been meeting repeatedly this week, trying to hammer out an agreement that would raise the state’s income tax in an effort to solve a massive budget deficit.

CBS Chicago–01/05/2011

Illinois State Capitol

State Lawmakers Closer To Vote On Income Tax Hike

Democratic state lawmakers are moving closer to a possible vote on an income tax hike during the final days of the current legislative session.

CBS Chicago–01/04/2011