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Frozen Pipe Complaints Skyrocket Amid Frigid Winter

Water Department crews have been working around the clock in Chicago to keep up with frozen and broken water lines, thanks to a brutal winter that has kept complaints flowing, if little else.


This hole in a Chicago street masks a much deeper problem: washed-away infrastructure. (CBS)

That Hole In The Asphalt Could Be A Much Bigger Problem

Hundreds of holes in Chicago streets are hiding a dangerous secret. They could easily become sinkholes and cause a lot of damage. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.


(Credit: CBS)

City Taking Steps To Collect Millions In Unpaid Water Bills

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday that he is actively going after $15 million in unpaid water bills owed to the city by four Chicago suburbs. He also promised to take another look at free water that the city supplies to various non-profit groups.

CBS 2–09/22/2011