Baffoe: If The Cubs Hit, Nothing Else MattersJoe Maddon has made questionable decisions, and the bullpen has been bad. But none of that matters when the Cubs offense stinks.
Baffoe: The Torture Of The Cubs' Game 5 'Victory'We all died during the the Cubs' thrilling 9-8 win against the Nationals in Game 5.
Baffoe: Maybe People Could Stop Asking Mike Ditka Anything About AnythingWith a special kind of privilege, Ditka provides no meaningful perspective. So why even ask him?
Baffoe: One Hell Of A Chicago Sports MondayA Cubs playoff game and Mitchell Trubisky's debut with the Bears makes for a day for the ages.
Baffoe: 2016 Cubs Mean Nothing Right NowThe names may be the same, but the rest is different for these Cubs.
Baffoe: Mitchell Trubisky Is Not The Bears' Savior ... YetThe future is now with Trubisky behind center, but the present isn't yet ideal for blossoming.
Baffoe: The NFL Likes That You're Not Focused On Its Lackluster ProductDebate surrounding player protests has overshadowed the fact that the on-field product is often ugly.
Baffoe: That Bears Game Disrespected The FlagA virus has entered the red, white and blue bloodstream of late -- the Chicago Bears.
Baffoe: Cubs Are Back In The Postseason — Now What?After the Cubs climbed Mount Everest in 2016, it's a different emotional experience for fans.
Baffoe: It's Not A Flag Protest To demonize the players for “disrespecting” an inanimate object is just another in a long line of bastardization of the flag itself.
Baffoe: Aaron Hernandez's NFL AccompliceThe NFL is helping manufacture a weapon -- CTE -- that leads to more violence, loss and pain.
Baffoe: Bulls Front Office Goes Older, Less Analytic With Addition Of Doug CollinsThis just feels like giving someone money just to be around from time to time for perfunctory procedural meetings.

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